Everyones looking for a dentist

I have an indifference to Dentists
Most of them think of one thing
Money its all about money
When you need them thats when they bring
Contempt into the equation
Their high costs beyond what most can
Afford its got like that nowadays
And in a way I suppose thats the plan

But when hearing that money some make
Is spent on the slaughter brigade
The rifles and cross bows and of course ammunition
And clothing all this stuff is now laid
On the table ahead of their addiction
To kill anything thats alive
To abuse all creation with far more fire power
This is their moment to strive

And when they are seen to be loaded
Thats when the parasites crowd
Thats when their friends so called join them
Thats when the rabble gets loud
Everyones there in the moment
This Palmer bloke once killed a bear
Not where the permit said that he should hunt
But somewheres else, he didn’t care

Why he had money and people around him
Why would he care anyway
When you got money how ever funny
People laugh and they just say
So the bear was shot down
And carted off in his truck quite a way
He was convicted but being a rich guy
Well of course all he did was just pay

He sexually attacked a young women
An employee and a patient as well
But he had money now isn’t that funny
He got off with a fine that was swell
So he seems potentially horrid
In all walks of life and now we
Hear the terrible story of Cecil
And again he pleads innocence, and we
Know the whole story the innocent soul
Gunned down and left hours to die
And now he has scarpered fucked off and gone
Money again will be high

50,000 dollars the bounty
The ammo the rifles the food
The travel unravel that bill if you can
This is one ugly dude!

He gets back to stress and to closure
His practice bombarded and lost
And goes into hiding some people no where
No doubt that also has cost
But he has the money
Those fillings and root canals
People unknowingly paid
To give him his drug
Glug and glug glug
And now of course come to his aid

Money the root of all evil
This is the problem we face
Zimbabwe demand extradition
If he doesn’t go its a disgrace
And the so called indifferent people
Stepping up to the plate in the news
The arses with passes the wicked brigade
The hunters now turning the screws

The trophies displayed in their games rooms
The airlines that bend to the blood
Money they take from these hunters
That comes at them more like a flood
Mis description is there in a flurry
Its all money its bribes and they turn
People are bought in the web all are caught
And one day all these shits will burn

Where is he God knows he could be
Anywhere now he has dosh
He could be in some plastic surgery somewhere
What he does need is a cosh
Over his head make him feel it
Make him realise Cecil was King
And if as i hear his next target
Is an Elephant then let him bring

A whole bloody army of grabbers
For if he goes back he will see
His arse kicked from there to the LIMPOPO
To a dark prison cell he will be
And one hopes he will stay there forever
Being shot in the arse every day
And as soon as it heals
Being shot in the arse again
Till he withers away

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