A cottage near the Chess

Its up on a hill a secret place
Surrounded by trees
An exciting space
A real tall cottage
With windows that peer
Over the chess and away
From here

A little courtyard
A great white wall
That curves and swerves
Its very tall
Where wild pigeons like to be
A sentry post it seems to me

And in the courtyard
A studio
Greengages pages
Art in view
A lady with pi water, she
Spreads her paint so beautifully

Mr Darcy a bold knight
Sits outside a splendid sight
Sleek and strong a handsome face
And just lays down all over the place

Two Bay trees sit and clearly they
Enjoy the light that comes their way
Diana stoned and does enjoy
The aspects bringing her much joy
Its small but has an eclectic feel
With plants and object d’art, the zeal
Its there it kind of gets to you
And lets you know its there to woo

And it delivers in a way the heraldic art
And the garden spray
Its very tiny but one can see
The ivy really wants to be
Here in the garden for where it grows
In the vicarage somehow it knows
The true seclusion and magic here
And so of course it does appear

In streams of green of verdant leaf
A tortuous sweeping grape relief
It just falls down into where
The little garden wants to share
An old chimney stands a filigree chair
A little space to be aware
Behind the studio climbs away
To A little hill where the faeries play

A great abundance of friendly plants
Clearly enjoy their romantic dance
Its a friendly cottage all can see
Such affection and such artistry
A chimera where once the bread
Was baked perhaps and it was said
Mexicans once provided worth
With grains and flours from mother earth

We stacked it up with cherry wood
And lit it and it smelled so good
It cast its aura all about
And warmed us through without a doubt
A pleasant time was had as we
Ate and drank excitedly
Soaked up all that evening fair
Rinsed our hearts in Chesham’s air

Watched the red kites restless swing
And a little bat a sweet dear thing
Came to see us as we sat
Tucked away just really at
This little world upon the hill
That made us welcome and it will
Make others welcome I am sure
Its fine white walls
Windows and door
And yes inside it has that feel
A steep staircase that did reveal

A shaft of sweet angelic light
That fell on me from such a height
i didn’t make the trip beyond
Into the stars my little wand
i had left behind though I thought that i
Might launch myself into the sky

From there perhaps a dream may be
To touch the moon and even see
The queen of the faeries who knows this could
Be just the place where she would
Like to be so thanks to those
Who brought me here and I do suppose
If there are faeries that now they know
That i know now just where they go

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