Torture out in the street

Its hard to get ones head around this spitefulness
Its a vicious streak that stems from the heart of man
A plug ugly desperado a worker of iniquity
Torturing a camel all part of a plan
To dupe the passers by it seems to imagine that this soul
Is crippled and the beggar is looking after it in the role
Of a carer so needs money begging in the street
Appealing to the kinder heart for each ongoing treat

This is a really awful crime upon a voiceless beast
Who has come across this ruffian who wants to share its feast
And so he chops the legs off a camel and the distress
Is supposed to generate pity and somehow redress
Its unlawful in the most extreme and that China’s laws allow
This malevolence to carry on abroad here we ask how
Anyone would stoop this low and exact a torture so
They could claim some sympathy from the ones who do not know

Its scandalous to see this and imagine really why
Anyone would stoop to this only the low life try
To get some begging money but the desperation here
Is one of total wrongfulness drawing peoples fear
One feels for the poor camel to have met with such a crime
Who would violate an animal but they do it all the time
Butcher a healthy creature its too ugly to be true
Really I am lost for words and, I bet you are too

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