Star Signs and the evil dentist

The stars are coming out for Cecil
Clearly he had become
A personality in his own right
And his killing it does numb

Those of us who felt his spirit
And Those stars who truly care
Like the saint who plays a similar role
And truthfully needs to share

He a knighted gentleman
With a heart thats pure and kind
He knows about environments and
What we leave behind

And he puts it so
Recounting what they did
How it shows the combined evil
And well lifts the lid

On just how vile these people are
Hunting in this day and age
So dark & so demented & this yea from a sage
Who knows the true finality of death
At someones hand
And truly is a man of steel
Who does understand

He should be extradited
He should be tried and slung
In some grimy prison cell
And just stay there among
The criminality
Where he does belong
Because going around the world killing
Is clearly very wrong

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