In Vietnam the slaughterhouses adopt a vile technique
Sledge hammering a beautiful cow
Healthy and at her peak
So that human so called beings can chew upon their meat
Having stolen all their precious milk
Everyday of every week

Their life has been abhorrent
Each hour was filled with fear
Undignified and tasteless
With an ugliness so clear
Ill-favoured, and irregular
And anguish all the way
And now they meet their maker
In total disarray

Led across the slaughter room
And whacked hard on the head
With the back side of the hammer
Until they are all but dead
Kicking a bit crazily
But clearly in some pain
One moment they were in good life
And the next were gone again

Lost souls in the wilderness of humanity
Murdered in a fit of dark refrain
The feeling of such terror for those mothers
The end has come and whats to be the gain
Leaving our sick world to peace and caring
On another plain where others look to be
Loving towards the victims of previous incarnations
The beaten around the head brigade like me

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