Rays are sunlight from creation

Man could not be further from kind
I have to say
Those ray catch competitions
Are the vilest of display
On the pretence that wild rays
Are eating all the shellfish, so
They create a competition
With prizes just to show

How its operated by bowman
On their boat
Firing arrows into pregnant ray fish
Seen afloat
lifting them with those arrows
and beating them to death
Mashing them with aluminium paddles
Of their breath

And these are mothers laden with their babies
Pulverised by these desperate frantic shits
These are never men they are the vilest kind of creep
Patriarchal evils it would make you weep
To see their dark behaviour they are rotten to the core
As the dying mother expels her baby they push it back
The gore,

the blood lust and the evil
Men cannot be kind
They are bloody monsters and all this underlined
Where now are the women folk how can that let this be
These are pregnant fishes heavy with baby

Beaten at the boat side mercilessly until
They are thrown into some bucket weighed their guts to spill
Man is never kind and watching these fiends i have to say
We are close to the abyss here in chesapeake bay

Americans who are at it are the lowest form of life
Its torment and its torture and its evil and its strife
Rays are tender mothers basking in the light
Slaughtered by these shits who live in filth as if by right

Who could ever love them who could ever care
For the grossest cruelest specimens so completely unaware
Ban them throw them into jail and take their boats away
Thats the only sentence that they will understand today
And the women that surround them tell them you will go
Watch the film and realise now you fucking know

And there are no more excuses this is ugly dirty stuff
And watching what they are doing to these rays
Well I have seen enough!!!!’
Enough and pushing back the babies just to make more weight
So they can win a competition. Christ help them for their fate
Their karmic debt is massive as any fool would know
Neptune I call Neptune sink their boats now and
Get the great whites over here help them understand
The ray is part of creation and they are going to pay
For slaughtering them with their own lives
It will happen any day!

Sunlight from creation waves of angels wings
Bathers in the warmest light that ever heaven brings
Shot by bow and arrow and dragged out of the sea
Feeling terrible pain and strife and utter agony
This the actual story as mean as it can get
Of thinking feeling sentient souls
Now we are in their debt
As these creepy nasty violent men
Create this enormous rift
Between the gods and the victims
Yes mans eternal gift

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