Hunting Speak

These killers use words thoughtfully
Harvesting equates
to murdering
It beats me
Conservation rates
Improved by further killings
Its an arrogant point of view
Created by the psychopaths
Because that is what they do

Deep down somewhere in their socks
They know that they do wrong
Killing any animal for fun
Has all along
Been evil for creation
Gives life to those and who
Are we to say its over
It shows we are clueless too

Animals have an order
Predators and prey
Too many predators thats not good
Too little is not the way
nature provides that balance
Not hunters not at all
They completely fuck it up
And the writing is on the wall
They are all passed their sell by date
How they ever thought
They could go and kill animals
And tell us it was sport

Its a bit like the child and the emperor
We are complicit in many ways
Of listening to their bull shits
Because arrogance, it pays
We have to stand up for the voiceless
For the forests for the sea
We have to care for the other species
For that of course is key

This dentist bloke in America
Who thinks he has the right
To pay some fifty thousands dollars
He really is a blight
On the whole of our humanity
A parasitic fool
Who comes to murder animals
As if he is on call

One animal can change the world
The world where he stays
More prey animals will be around
The plants and sapling phase
Will then be interrupted as more of them
Will be
Eaten by the prey animals
Which is wrong actually

Hunters are so ignorant
They are psychopaths who should
Be strapped into a straight jacket
They think they are Robin Hood
They live sadly in fantasy land
They have no rights and they
Are arming themselves up to the teeth
And making others pay

We all pay in the long run
But the victims when they die
Often family members are killed too
Which is high
Time we understood the natural order
And then we
Would do away with the hunting mob
Who are surplus actually

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