Having our countrywide rights

Where we are dealing with psychopaths
What should we expect
A few thousand hound dogs
And if nobody’s checked
What happens to those
Who can’t run anymore
Who don’t want to eat fox
And don’t feel the draw
To sit in the dark
Till some bloke on his horn
Blows his sweet whistle
To call up then Dawn
And then the awakening presents itself
And the hunt is on
The fox kind of legs it
He is bloody well gone
So where are the dogs
If they are not all that fit
They will be shot or culled
Yea more shit
Huntings for psycho’s
Traditions yes too
Makes them less sensitive
A bit like you

So 4000 dogs get a bullet maybe
And umpteen more foxes
Are lost tragically
Their families of course
Just oar for the game
And the environment
Its never the same
After a hunt visits
Things tend to be
Not what they were
As many do see

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