Corporate enhancement

The corporate ideal
Is really never one to feel
The utility and ability
To amplify for real
The logic of perception
And the colour of deception
Taste and smell are paramount
More from less can mean
The Mary Shelley principle
Of Frankenstein creations
We see the celebrations
And certain reservations
That otherwise might be
Heading to extremes beyond the
Beyond the simple will of man
Into indignation
Surviving this we realise
That reverse engineering
The receptors of the human tribe
May get us more for less
How was it we could thus involve
Such a thoughtful strategy
Of embryonic kidney cells
Perhaps from someones prodigy
human aborted foetus
Extracted years before
Less than one part per million
A minimum dose for sure
No labelling to speak of
An enhancement guarantee
An additive of genius
Through biotechnology

Could be the work of genius
And the work for the few
Appealing to the senses
Building fences
Helping to
Create a new sensation
Responsive to the core
Sugars menthol cooling
Bitter sensing, good and pure
Savoury to savour
Pull those curtain in the gloom
Novel flavours surface
In small measure from each tomb
Civilisation is set to quantify
The genius of man
The insurance of forever
With perhaps his simplest plan

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