Cecil and his family

The improbity and the lack of conscience fogged the whole affair
The indifference of the hunters so detached so unaware
The complicity and unfaithfulness,its true chicanery
They are totally unprincipled and they seal their infamy

They lose contact with humanity their arrogance proclaims
They listen to each others sychophantic games
An unseemliness and unworthiness they assume they know the score
As they reach their immorality which lodges in their core

They call themselves a hunter the excitement is all there
The great rush of adrenaline at feeling the despair
They purchase all the best in guns that is what they do
And they go and shoot a wild soul or they beat it black and blue

This Dentist and his so called guides were clearly guilty they
Took it really on themselves to blow this soul away
They would see it had a collar on and they didn’t care at all
That was the Lion they wanted as part of their haul

The wrongfulness excited them it put icing on their cake
The disentitlement was valuable it really helped to make
The killing even better exciting the interest more
Cecil was the victim like so many before

They have scant respect for anything and a reverence for none
Contemptible behaviour underneath the sun
They really are so wicked and there is not much one can say
You will never hear a confession out of them not any day

Its always someone else’s fault
Thats the way it goes
They play with illegality
Under people’s nose

And its done without authority
Its about arrogance which they
Are past masters of having
Building on it everyday

Cecil found his nirvana
But lost it in a trice
Of course they did deceive him
And they did entice

Him from the purest sanctity
Into a place where they
Could kill him with their weaponry
And obviously get away

I personally am of the belief
These men of darkness are
Worshipping the devil possessed in fact
They scar

Every single life form
They ever deem to touch
A dentist pulling teeth out
I just don’t like that much

He desecrates the honour
Of the feline race, when he
Lures him out of nirvana
And gives him purgatory

Its a total violation
To terrorize like this
There can be no salvation
And no certainty of bliss

Imagine it when they found him
Probably at deaths door
And that old lion looked up at them
Not wanting anymore

Heart sick and very hopeful
But rapidly aware
That They had come to do him in
His misery and despair

A shot rang out or maybe two
Nobody can say
Cecil took so many hours
Before he could pass away

And then of course they set to work
To hack his head off, and
Strip him of his precious skin
Dare we understand

The motives of the psychopath
They disembowelled him too
And Tried to destroy his collar
Its the sort of thing you would do

So he couldn’t be located
Does that say innocence to you
To me it spells out hideousness
Something no one should do

It smacks of animosity
Of a disaffected heart
Of a loathing and detestation
Of ill feeling from the start

Then he scarpers back to America
Aware of what he has done
Of the umbrage and indignation
Underneath the sun

Feeling happy with himself
For slaughtering this creation
And showing his ingratitude
By his further mutilation

This is Dr. Palmer
A Dentist so they say
To me he is just a monster
Who has never found his way
Out of the dark forest
Despite his surgery
That purports to heal the victims
But who harms them certainly

And now one hopes his patients
Will say to him we shall go

Who would want his bloody hands
In their mouth
How could you now trust him
A murderer in fact
A liar in a white coat
I know how i’d react

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