All lions deserve better

A National Park offers freedom
Free born free bred and heart whole
This was special Lion 13 years old
A wonderful spirit and soul
A master of all his surroundings
The king of his jungle was he
Untrammelled unshackled uncurbed
And unhindered all these years
He had been free

Then we hear some sodding dentist
Charging exorbitant rates
Supposedly from Bloomington
Somewhere in the States
Came over to Zimbabwe
to have himself some fun
To try to kill a nice fat
Lion out there in the sun

But decided on a night trip
Around the National Park
Where he lured a greAt old majestic lion
It was easier in the dark
Strapped some young dead animal
On his vehicle and
Scented the land around it
If you do not understand
The park is indeed a sanctuary
But luring it outside
He shot it with his crossbow
But alas it never died

Maybe he was a lousy shot
But anyway it mean’t
They would have to stalk it
Before it was heaven sent
With a cross bow bolt
Stuck in its back
The lion went off to try
And get away
from these bastards
In agony no lie

Allegedly 40 sodding hours
But these so called hunters would
Have had to sleep
so i do not get their story
In fact it makes me weep
This poor Lion proud and handsome
Set to try to run
Injured by a crossbow bolt
Knowing his day was done

Thats when he was found and shot
This time with a gun
Then they cut his face off
He could No longer run
Then they stripped him of his skin
And disembowelled him too
This lack of complete respect
And we all know what to do
Call upon the great Sekhmet
The Lioness headed one
A goddess of such wisdom
Who was having none
Of all this vile poltroonery
This unheroic hate
The bitterness and bad blood here
This was never fate

She would soon be after him
This devil in disguise
Who clearly was no angel
Which wasn’t a surprise
A complete abomination
A loathing i must add
He killed the most famous Lion
And so many now are sad

What a loveless attitude
What a vindictive act
To use a bloody crossbow
How would we react
And not even kill the beast
Injure it and chase
Stalk it in its agony
Of course it a disgrace

And the dentist well my belief
Is he better top himself
His business days are gone
Who would have him take their teeth out
Who would sit upon
His bloody chair and smell his hands
A murderer who kills
The most famous Lion in Zimbabwe
It just gives me the chills

40 hours what hunters are they supposed to be
They cant keep up with an injured Lion
Its depravity
What a worthless bunch of arses
This hunting party were
And this poor Lion was suffering
I am sure we all concur

Cecil was so enchanting a pedigree of sort
As handsome as a Lion can be
And worthy of much thought
But these arses for hunters
When they caught him well they shot
Then they cut his face away
And his skin too, they were not
Happy he wore a collar
Meaning a unique lion perhaps
And so they disembowelled him
To keep his identity under wraps

They were entirely callous
Their hearts had all but dried
Their souls had fucking withered too
Nobody denied
How Ruthless and unmerciful
A disgrace to human kind
They tortured that poor animal
Just leaving behind
A broken battered body
Its guts torn out and left
For the vultures to come and gobble it up
Tragically bereft

Of all decency and true respect
For a regent such as he
He was special he was amazing
He was nobility
He had so much veneration
He truly was adored
Just looking at whats left behind
It really had me
Me floored

America must send him back
To face the rule of Law
Let him be tried by the courts
Let no man ignore
The violent rotten POS
Who rapidly caught his flight
And left the country to mourn the loss
Of Cecil which cant be right

Hunters trophy hunters
Are an insult and they should
Along with those canned hunters
Who only think they are good
I regret they ever were given life
And They have no remorse
Just unrepeatable evil
From their very source

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