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Walter palmer and his mutilation of Cecil

The photograph before my eyes Sends shivers through my brain To do this to the Jungle King You would have to be insane What vile disgraceful butchers What disrespectful sods What dire humiliation Insulting all the gods That ever looked … Continue reading

Cecil and his family

The improbity and the lack of conscience fogged the whole affair The indifference of the hunters so detached so unaware The complicity and unfaithfulness,its true chicanery They are totally unprincipled and they seal their infamy They lose contact with humanity … Continue reading

Rollright’s roll. (And so do we)

Lets never forget those who have passed Our ancestors for they have cast Their knowledge wide and we follow through Our crops are important for they all do Sow and harvest the goodness store Bake our bread thats what its … Continue reading

Star Signs and the evil dentist

The stars are coming out for Cecil Clearly he had become A personality in his own right And his killing it does numb Those of us who felt his spirit And Those stars who truly care Like the saint who … Continue reading

Customers of the evil dentist

A dentist of all people A carer so to say By being his customers The profit he does pay These rotters out in Africa With all the vile dark games To lure wild lions From protection So no matter what … Continue reading


Anyone who can machine gun pigs from an aeroplane And then support a hunter whose done wrong Has got to get a ticket to the hell we are sending him to For its clear to me these two just don’t … Continue reading

All lions deserve better

A National Park offers freedom Free born free bred and heart whole This was special Lion 13 years old A wonderful spirit and soul A master of all his surroundings The king of his jungle was he Untrammelled unshackled uncurbed … Continue reading

Hunting Speak

These killers use words thoughtfully Harvesting equates to murdering It beats me Conservation rates Improved by further killings Its an arrogant point of view Created by the psychopaths Because that is what they do Deep down somewhere in their socks … Continue reading

Cecil and the American Dentist

Zimbabwe Cecil’s place of birth A National Park was where He lived his life in harmony And clearly learned to share His whereabouts with humans Putting up with all of that Wearing a GPS collar So they knew where he … Continue reading

Message for sadistic men of the Faroes

This is channelled information Via our networks in the sea From the great whale hierarchy Through your universe to me We are precious in the ocean Our existence absolute Our survival is essential Our actuality the root Under the sun … Continue reading