Yulin listen the world is crying your name with every bit of passion they can muster

The yelps and cries of canines
Their eyes so red and sore
These loyal affectionate earthlings
Knocking on our door

Begging us to love them
Not capturing them to kill
Not torturing them
Not blowlamping them
Not turning them into swill

The Chinese call it a festival
It’s mayhem and it’s hell
Don’t talk to me of tradition
That label does not sell
This is malediction and insanity
For we
See hordes of dogs in vile
Crying dolefully

Mans best friend
But no friend to the Chinese who now be
Delivering their ugliness
And psychopathy
Of course we came out on the streets
To so show and to appeal
YULIN dogs were hauntingly
Telling us how they feel

Stripped of their skin
And boiled alive
Tortured beyond belief
Processed with their blow torches
We all share their grief

China you have let us down
By allowing this blood to flow
Blood thirsty and satanic
Such prejudice you know
Narrow minded and ignorant
No compassion for those who
Live and jump and walk and play
And all you do is screw

Dominic hardly breathing
Belting out the soul
Annamaki and Peter
Always in control
Yulin is a vile dark place
Where sicko’s come to buy
Innocent victims bleeding
In their hearts all wondering why
A so called enlightened people
Should truly sink so low
Should disregard all decency and
Let this vile trade grow

Yes of course you are ancient
A country of regard
Billions of people everywhere
But today it’s hard
To imagine just our fruitless
Just your lack of empathy
Where is your compassion
Will you let us free

-From the Dogs of YULIN

We beg you truthfully beg you
To consider us and say
You will not slaughter us anymore
Not anymore from today
We suffer how we suffer
The blood loss and the pain
An you treat us just like sacks of coal
Just like so much disdain

We are caring thoughtful loving animals and we
Want to love your children not eat them instantly
We feel the pain we know it’s there
And what you do is wrong
Leave us to live our lives out
With you we don’t belong

We love we care we love we share
Life for us should be
Not murdering and torture
But cared for earnestly

2 comments on “Yulin listen the world is crying your name with every bit of passion they can muster

  1. H.vd Broek on said:

    for this horrible day , I can not find any text.
    I only have one question!
    Stop this madness !!!

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    I am unclear as to which text you refer to and therefore hope you are relating your comments to Yulin

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