Yulin and Peter Baldwins new film

City of sin
That is YULIN
It’s people are cruel
And insane
They steal people’s dogs
They deceive and they spoil
They torture and slaughter
They deep fry in oil
They bludgeon to death
They strip off their skin
They boil them in brine
Excuses wear thin

Don’t talk of tradition
Or culture to me
You are a bunch of the worst
That there be
Slaughtering animals torn from the street
And murdering mercilessly
Oft with bare feet

It’s what you do
Your festival shows
The murder and mayhem
And the spirit that grows
This kind of ugliness
Steals from the soul
And curtails the spirit
For I feel the toll

The vile dark and ugly
The sad cries I hear
As pedigree dogs
Are broken their fear
Dragged into dark places
Stripped of their skin
Their eyes poked out
Some are so thin

The look into the abyss
Their blood it will pour
Their lifeless bodies
Rampant with gore
Pitiless frail beings
Sabotaged by
The shit that is men
And the piss that is why

Yulin springs forth
With it’s feeble refrain
By contrast it stinks
It is the bane
Of anyone’s life
It hits spineless desire
To frighten and heighten
The causal fire

A rotten intrusion
Miscounted and mismatched
A conflict of equals
How can we react
To the demons above them
The asymmetry
The magnification
The adversity

The lashings the whippings
The boilings the fried
Torn from ones sanity
Open inside
Maimed lame and limping
Garbled and docked
Anarchical lawlessness
Disordered and shocked

The bitter end
The closure is near
They ring down the curtain
And open with fear
The endlessness widens
It’s focus to be
In a class of its own
Such melancholy

These people’s freakishness
Outcasts do sway
No Phoenix will rise
From the ashes today
Aberrant and nondescript
Monstrously they
Rise in a shit like production
To say

We love to chew on their bones
For they test
Our soul and our guts
We feel we are blessed
By the torment and vileness
No cow can provide
No chicken no pig
It’s the greatest divide

We are the multitude
Numb to the core
Under the weight of such
Blood and gore
The gristle may glisten
The blood loss doth cheer
The snot and the piss
Is running from here

It’s really inevitable
How we all feel
Time waits for no one
The extension of real
The ephemerality passing our way
Transient consciousness
Immortal some say

In a world of deceit
Where the majority are
Longing for love
Wanting to scar
Every heart in the shadows
Every soul in the mix
Every innocent angel
That they try to fix

Is there any future
Beyond the dark womb
What is our destiny
Is it just doom
The resurrection coming
We hear
Just around the corner
The great mists of fear

Since time immemorial
Life seems to be
A primitive end
Couched in depravity
A vast interruption
Of spirit designed
To be torn a’sunder
And sorely aligned

The pendulum swings back and forth
And each feels
Their own darkest tragedy
Which then reveals
A spasmodic wavering
A flickering light
The end of ones era
The ongoing night

2 comments on “Yulin and Peter Baldwins new film

  1. elizabeth green on said:

    oh Rex..you’ve done it again..my tears roll..this was the toughest demo i have been to, Peters video as tough as ever to watch. the insanity of such inhumane humans is beyond any comprehension….utterly heart wrenching ..

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Well processing dogs for food is just about beyond the. Pale as we all know I write as I felt as it knew trying desperately to feel how those animals must feel how let down by reality how kicked in the fast by Loyalty

      The fact they come to teach us and we shut them out and murder them it’s all too much really on all counts.
      Thanks Elizabeth for your comments
      Always nice to hear from you


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