A child
And the tanks
Long queues in banks
A bright orange sky
We die

As they take lives away
With their fire and their war
And the rockets galore
It’s ominous shit
Now where I sit
A frightened old lady
Demonstrates, it
Is tragedy happening
Before our eyes
Ukraine feel the rain
And do realise

My poems are life
As it is written down
People run scared
Out of their town
Babies in hospital
Bleeding they say
Shrapnel is flying
The other way

Children in fear
Mothers yes too
We are in the bunkers
Without a clue
As to why peace has ended
As to why we all try
As to why war has ravaged
Our beautiful sky

Where babies die
Why rubble falls
Why tangled bodies
Why everyone cries
Huddled in cellars
Dust in their eyes
Dirt in their hair
Listen to lies
In the parliament they
Fools everywhere
And that is okay
That’s life at the moment
So much despair
As to Ukraine
I am glad I’m not there

But soon it could be Britain
Or the USA
Anywhere really
Not much left to say
Our worlds falling apart
The peace we all knew
Is crumbling tragically
What can we do?

Look to our loved ones
And be alone
Say nothing to anyone
Chuck out our phone
Sit in the darkness
Let there be night
Close your eyes slowly
And breathe in the light

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