Tunnel vision is that what it is

We stand at the crossroads we druids
With the weight of history here
On our shoulders these blue stones
Are magical stones
And vast healing qualities clear

The darkness descending around us
We are right up and close to them all
We have the power in our hearts and our souls
Listen as our ancestors call

Some people welcome the tunnel
This pilgrimage site where we stand
The mirrored symmetry all of the solstices
Featured in how it was planned

The highways agency what do they know
They haven’t an earthly nothing to show
Just political corporate crap in the ring
As to British History really nothing

We stand in our circle our energy builds
We are the now our heartbeat now wields
A new kind of power for the site JCB’s
The mechanical dinosaurs who will soon tease

The flints and the artifacts out of the ground
Will imbalance and crush and try to impound
It’s absolute sacrilege what is devised
by the new hordes of scribes who have not realised

What is now lying under this site lord Kennett he knew
And he was right
Mesolithic materials do purposefully
Provide their vast treasure and true history

Those men all were stalwart they laboured and strove
Lifting their science together they drove
The boundaries as high as they could for they all
Created this henge with such power and such gall

Dragging and lifting with muscles strung taut
Their spirits so flexible as was their thought
It is inescapable what they could do
Lifting these great weights high into the blue

38 miles away Glastonbury slept
The great Abbey clearly where souls were adept
They knew of the leys aligned with the stones
And soon they were brazenly giving their bones

To the ground here a bouts
where they fell where they died
Where their pain and their breath
was at some point denied

We stand here today druids who should
Take on their thoughts just imagine we could
They gave every ounce of their strength which we feel
Just look at those stones and what they reveal

Acoustic properties magical spells
And at Blickmead their camp which David Jacques tells
A Vespasian camp where they rested a while
Where they laid and dreamed no more than a mile

Away from their labours and we plan to destroy
This important site a terrible ploy
The tunnel what vision what vision do we
Have of the past so unable to see

Beyond our own lives of driving our cars
We who are rarely now looking at stars
The sky but a ceiling for chem trails and more
That rain down their chemicals on us galore

Geo engineering we guinea pigs snort
As we cough and we splutter seemingly caught
In the malaise of ignorance now at our door
History file it away just ignore

The myriad miracles that once were here
Bury the past in the concrete and fear
It’s all about us now driving our cars
Getting to wherever these violent scars

On humanities past will be felt in the hearts
Of our children and their children
Yea the upstarts
Were more into materialistic pursuits
They sacrificed history and their true roots

We are Druids and proudly we stand here today
The summer solstice the sun’s every ray
Burns down upon us reminding us, we
Must stand with the ancestors that’s where we be

Tunnels and dual carriageways are not on
And at some point they will crumble
Like those who have gone.
We must not allow them to come and destroy
What our brothers and sisters brought
To us true joy.

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After 27/6
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