This is never entertainment

This is moronic evil
Entertainment no
It is the abuse of animals
And the theme seems set to grow
The audience are laughing
They seem amused by sin
These are soulful earthlings
Frightened for their skin

A women in a trapeze is lowered
into a tank of water
That’s filled up constantly
with frogs
And other reptiles who have no place to be
In the very water that this bitch is in
I see

Vileness and such ugliness
The show goes on, and we
See more and more sad creatures tipped
Into the tank they be

A singing screaming artiste
Lowered into this
Is never entertainment
How can this be bliss
It’s torture for those creatures
And what’s to be their fate
Can you see people laughing
They are In a moronic
From psychopathic tendencies
they share this cruelty
And call it entertainment
Means we have lost it actually

What we see is talentless garbage
Nothing else at all
What we see is cruelty
And abuse and any fool
That consider it worth watching
When This show should be curtailed
Its such a pointless exercise
And The directors should be jailed

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