Savoir Vivre

Every journey starts from somewhere
Some from miles away
There will be some from much closer
It’s happening everyday
Starting out in the planning stage
Its exciting through and through
And it takes a lot of motivation
Really just to do
The demonstration may be
The car journey, the train
The picnic and the philosophy
And to receive disdain

From holier than thou activists
Can turn a picture sour
And cancel out the commitment
With perhaps some negative power
Some may drive a smart car
Or a hybrid let us say
Some may go in a big 3 litre
All along the way

And possibly some vegans
May object to the style of lunch
Maybe they went to KFC
And from a bucket munch
It all about just where they are
On their road and how they planned
They will get to their destination
And begin to understand

There are many ways to get there
With differing levels too
Suggest to people by all means
And gradually They may do
More and more and they will learn
Will discern the way to be
But if you are going dictate to them
Your terms then believe me

You May scare them off
And thus will lose new blood for possibly, they
May not come back not ever
How can that be the way
Inspire them by example
Be their tour de force
Perhaps gentle persuasion
As a, matter of course

But if you think it’s better
To treat them with disdain
And ward them off forever
Really that is insane
Be friendly Be informative
Honour them and say
Welcome to the demo
It’s great you found your way

To join us, to embrace us
To be activists in soul
Let them find their own two feet
Let them exert control
But if you stop them in their tracks
And disgrace them in a way
And see them all as reprobates
By what you do and say
To get them just to stay the course
To Come back to the fold
You could have been more subtle
And more certainly cajoled

All Journeys go from here to there
And All over the place
And gradually we protest
In each other’s face
We are the animal army
We fight Their corner, we
Can only do it very purposefully
If with them all we be

Some may smoke and drink coffee
Some may even, wear fur
But gradually they will see the light
And hopefully concur
And when that day,comes, our army
Is strengthened for we feel
All of us have knowledge
And run our lives with zeal

Let people choose their weapons
Gain insight from us all
Let them begin the journey
And hear us when we call
Don’t Dictate to the people
For all must find their place
And each of us has been there
And it’s something to embrace

With each rung of the ladder
A higher view we see
A real coming together
Is how it has to be
Sympathetic and well intentioned
Having the friendliest feelings for
Each other one big family
As we march into our war

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