The murder of our wild life by the powers to be

The cull of badgers clearly has
Momentum so we hear
Cameron has pledged to carry on
The blood sports here
Fox hunting and hare coursing
Deers and wild birds too
That is why they were created
For the rich to hunt anew

It goes back throughout history
And tradition brings it on
The country people do it
Till all wild souls are gone
The activists like Brian May
And others seem to be seen
As terrorists, the violent opposition
Even our queen

Is into bloody hunting
As the government implies
The laws have to be reinstated
We cannot believe the lies
Told to prevent culling and killing
It’s our thing
There is lots of money to be made
And It has that cultural ring

About it all, it’s what we do
It’s what makes Britain great
Killing innocent animals
Much of it for the plate.

But it’s high time the opposition
The empathy is raised
And more ministers oppose it
I expect we Are seen as crazed
Giving them a voice is wrong
Hunting is the sport
Wild birds shot out of the sky
It’s really goodly thought
Whoever wins the argument
The countryside will be
Better for the true debate
And stuff the history

We kill off the wild animals
And we suffer loss we do
Our countryside needs created life
That will always be my view

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