The futility of man

I looked at that picture
And what did I see
Bodies just lying there
Bloodied, they be
Clearly all murdered
By someone and they
Were clearly with their sons
On their judgement day

Judgement what was that
Who made that mistake
Were they in the wrong place
For their own sake
Or were those perpetrators
Equally wrong
Were they in the wrong space
Where their minds don’t belong

I see instant carnage
I feel longing pain
Fathers their children
Now on the death train
Going to no where
And mother that cry
Seeing what I see
And wanting to die

The human race
Clearly is running away
From morality clearly
The arrogant stay
On the sidelines
Their stringing so many along
And the result is this carnage
That doesn’t belong

I am sick with emotion
For this loss of life
Their are tears in my heart
For the ongoing strife
And I think of those mothers
Who will see what we see
And will sink into swamps of their own

We have to sit up and open our eyes
Could this have been us too
Let’s call on the wise
Souls are there any
Around still or are
We all bound for this place
Sanity far
Far away now the evil ones
So occupy
Our land and our hearts
Will we soon kneel and die

Is that the space
Do we fall to the floor
Do we forsake our children
And enter the war
Is that what our future holds
If it’s to be
Then man he is lost
In his iniquity

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