The badger boys

The Tory Party clearly haven’t thought the repeal through
Blood sports are in many thoughts
It’s not what people do
It’s negative, it’s cruelty exposing blood for fun
It’s baseline enmity really
And it’s not what should be done

To actually lower standards
To appease the countryside
Is a futile foolish gamble
Which is seen far and a wide
The badger is historically
One of the nocturnal knights
Some 40’000 live here
And should have all their rights

Cattle introduced here
In the CAFO farming style
Are noisy unnatural filthy sheds
That truthfully defile
The animals contained therein
And the countryside around
Compared to the friendly badger
Better value pound for pound

A very sensitive creature
Allied to the moon
Behaviourally aware of it
And very much in tune
The new moon brings him energy
To mate to fight to be
To leave his scents around the place
More often we can see

His diet chiefly consists of
Earthworms off the ground
He doesn’t like to pull them out
It’s the earth perhaps he has found
Not so very tasty
Well anyway prefers
To eat them cleaned of grime and loam
And that is what occurs

He rarely drinks his water
Coming straight out of the food
He likes a bit of rabbit
On their lean legs oft chewed
And a wealth of other crawly things
Seems to attract his stare
And he likes the odd mushroom
To compliment his fare

As to the British Government
Falling for the joke
Of badgers causing TB
The farmers they did soak
The public with this futile crap
And saw the badgers shot
Gassed and just run over
For their place here it’s not

The farmers and their poaching friends
Apparently they so
Like killing all the animals
It makes their dreams come true
They have no bloody idea
And do not wish to share
The land that they were born on
Every bloody where

It’s shared with bird and wild one
They give this country charm
Not the bother boys and the terrier men
And hunting in the palm
Of so called bloody huntsmen
Tory voting chums
Who ride their horses on other people’s land
With their sore bums
Their countenance is objectionable
So you either have to be happy when they destroy your land
Or harm others actually

Blood sports are antiquated
Passed their sell by date
The Tories are a bunch of twerps
Leaning on the gate
Hoping that the countryside
Comes up with votes so they
Can cut our fucking child benefit
And then be on their way

Friendly with the corporates
The bankers and the rest
Who keep their workers on
Their hourly contracts
Just to test
Their abilities to live without
Some help from governments who
Should think about the children
Who may vote for them too

Blood sports are the anathemA
They are evil through and through
Taking foxes and badgers and hare out
Just will not do
Going around with shot guns
Killing deers and rabbits they
Are a bunch of loonies
Who really should now pay

A price which is that blood sports
Are banned for ever here
Tell the queen and her family
They do not bring us cheer
Shooting birds and rabbits
Killing hen harriers
protect the quail and the shooting toffs
Is not what they should do

Do not repeal the hunting act
Leave our countryside alone
Leave the badgers our beautiful tribe
For the seeds that you have sown
Are causing people stress and grief
And the wild feral souls
Need to be safe where they were born
Without the hunting trolls

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