The after life

When our animals cross over
Do you know where they go
To a sort of animal heaven
Or there is nothing to show
For their own sweet incarnation
They came to teach us, we
Can learn so very much from them
And we ought to be

Thankful that they came to us
And so enriched our lives
We are here for our own selves
To enlighten for one strives
To do this and the engagement
Of other species does
Increase our true enlightenment
With all the added buzz

Summerland or the rainbow Bridge
Utopian places where
Our animals go when they pass on
Away from the despair
Of living and of dying
In among the human kind
Who have their ego’s to contend with
And often remain blind

To the animal beside them
Who has come to teach them they
Can improve their own enlightenment
All along the way
It’s has now been found possible to communicate
With them
After they enter their special place
From where they once did stem

They may have found pure happiness
or encountered awful stress
But were here to touch the hearts of all
And somehow to redress
One wonders how they managed
In the tortures some had found
All of us at animal rights
Cover the very ground

The cats and dogs in China
And the Far East where much shame
And torture and total disregard
Seems all part of their game
The dolphins in Japan,
The pilot whales as well
In the Faroe. Islands
Slaughtered in the swell

Almost all the animals that come here
Feel some pain
And leave the world frequented
By a few less of the insane
Faith and good intention
Brings us closer to those who
Passed on to the afterlife
as those with souls all do

Our animal friends are true friends
If we let them, they
Will teach us and will mentor us
Forever and a day

Thank you Claudia for finding this article
Which I have digested and recorded in my words
For the benefit of all.

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