Taiji and the faroese

It’s about being seen
And where we have been
To the Faroe Islands
And to Taiji
Our fins burn their wake
And they sadly partake
Of our capture
Which most of you see

The rattle and boom
which awakens each tomb
Of our ancestors
For those who ply
The waters of earth
And all of their worth
For in Taiji and the Faroe’s
We die

Minced up in grief
It beggars belief
The evil of men
Sometimes less than ten
And they have the right
To badger and fright
Such vociferation
From such a crap nation

Sends us all haywire
Inside we perspire
Sensitive beings
Audible pain
The banging of pipes
Again and again
By the vile gutter snipes
The amplification
The thunderous sound
The hammers the slaughter
Those Bastards abound

Its the japanese fishermen
And The Faroese
Both fucking monsters
Who slaughter
And Our blood fills the seas

We die in this melee
Of lustful desire
Creataceans so saddened
Caught up in your fire
Will you help us?
Will you stand with us?
And fight our cause?
Don’t ever leave us
Don’t ever pause
We all cry out loud
What we see at Taiji
Our relatives torn apart
So tortured they be

In the Faroe Islands
Our pilots are lost
Cajoled into coves
At an enormous cost
Their blood fills the ocean
Again and again
Like yesterday 25 sweet lives
Their pain
Was felt by us all
And it drives us insane

Just tiny amounts of our blood in the sea
Works on us all homeopathically
The minimum dose draws us in sucks us down
Yes we all swim but some then will drown
For each of our brethren that do have to die
The sickness we feel from that blood
Becomes high
These are our relatives
We are in touch with our ancestors too
And we don’t like this much

Unlike your dark force
Unlike human beings
Lost from their source
Banished of light
These fiends who devour us
Are blacker And evil
They are sadistic devils
Who have lost their right

We feel all this agony
All of the ocean
Polluted to hell
By the blood of our own
The sinews the muscle
The cartilage the horror
The spirit the soul
And even the bone

We are now pleading
For comfort and care
We are now hoping
Above all else you share
A love and a kindness
And stop all this stuff
Stop all this murder
We’ve all had enough

We can’t hide
We swim with the surf
in the brine
We are creatures of joy
That is the sign
And to exploit our freedom
And murder and kill
And frighten and torture
Just at your will
With our wives and our mothers
Our lovers our sons
You kill them in front of us
You know that stuns
Even the most powerful
Our sweet hearts you break
When you destroy our pods
For a slice of our cake

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