Summer Solstice Stone Henge

The A-303 to the Countess Roundabout was
Snarled up bad
An extra 45 minutes
On our journey somewhat sad
The Summer Solstice sunshine
Was burning down upon
A crawling desperation
That just went on and on

Frustration built on those of us
Hopeful of our place
At Stone Henge hearts a flutter
Which for us was quite the case
Eventually we got there
About one half hour late
And found our party situated
At car Park Number eight

To see them set our hearts a racing
We had got there any way
Half expecting to picnic somewhere else
Perhaps today
Veronica looked resplendent in her robes
Of creamy white
A beaming smile of welcome
We knew we were al’right!

We Got our bits together
And walked together to
The visitor centre
Bathing in the sunshine
There in view

A motley group of Druids
And others sprang to eye
Robed and staffed
With pentagram’s and
Many on a high
All fetching in our varied garb
Colourful and free
Tourists they were everywhere
Taking pictures,and we

chiefly became their target
I suppose we did appear
Somewhat off the wall a bit
Bursting with such cheer
Out onto the buses English heritage had
laid on
The sky was full on blueness
And the sun just shone and shone

Walking through the tourists
To The inner sanctum we
Paced around it once or twice
To the drum beat and could see
And feel the sense of occasion
And formed our circle there
In the shadow of the giants
And With the ancestors did share

The magnificent grey sarsens
Looking all about
Just as we were settling
A crowd of crows did out
Flying over the west portal
An eerie kind of cloud
Seemingly an omen
Apparently their shroud

Circling and wayward
As we settled for to be
Enjoying the days ritual
Together happily
A hundred or so of us
Threaded in a kind of ring
Holding hands and making way
For Olly the Holly King

And the Jolly Oak King with his verdant crown
Of oak leaves stalwart in their stance
A fight ensued between them
Each one took the chance
To batter with their stout sticks
The other till we knew
The Holly King was the victor
For the great Oak King he slew

The man of oak was carried out
And placed upon the ground
Lovely dancers robes a sway
They danced around and around
Angels in the making
Swishing skirts did fly
Full on happy faces
With each twinkle of their eye

Olly looked a picture with his crown
Of Holly green
Having beaten off the Oak King
and enjoyed the dancing scene
A proud moment they had battled
Long and hard but he
Clearly was the victor
For all of us to see

Then an initiation of Paul and Geoff
For they
Were entering the order
On this solstice day
Integrity and moral strength
Were called for we did hear
Kneeling one by one before
The Arch Druid who was clear

We walk humbly as Druids
On this mortal plain
And both of them were
Regal in their newly found refrain
The ritual was impressive
With a kindly honesty
These gentlemen of virtue
Were each moved earnestly

Mythago were the story telling
And they told
The story of the Green man
In dance something to hold
Onto in our hearts I think
Cavorting as they do
Bashing sticks their energy
Was constant there all through
The drummers and the Banjo
Stirred our hearts a while
Bells and boots and ribboned suits
These people do have style

A medieval collage
Of colours their masquerade
Entertaining and diverting
Each did just parade
Their skills and their sweet mastery
Of fancy dress and dance
A gala of festivity
Worthy of our glance

Then a fine hand fasting
And Veronica once more
Performed the lovely ceremony
A nuptial bond the core
Values of significance
Hand fasted spliced in harness
Who could want for more

You could feel the flowing favour
The affection that was there
And Veronica created
A bubble we could share
A tenderness and fondness
Cupids sting and they
Enjoyed the moment avidly
Bathed in the suns ray

Offerings of Amber mead
And apricots and cake
Always goes down well with us
Sustenance can shake
The tiredness and the flagging
Out of souls it has been said
There is nothing worse than followers
Feeling they are half dead

The speaking stick was passed around
And every member there
Gave an insight into who they were
And with us all did share
Some a poem some a song
A salad one might say
Some astrology from sweet Claudia
And some odes along the way

And all the while the abundance of sun
And so much glee
Of a moving ritual and friendship
And camaraderie
You could feel the warmth of spirit
The ancestors could hear
The justice of the moment
So cordial and clear

Two hours rushed passed so rapidly
The ritual over, we
Took some photo’s and dreamed a while
For this was memory
Committed to our inner self
For those of us who saw
The rituals at stone Henge
Are With us for evermore

Walking through the portal
And, back down now to where
The buses they were waiting
The drummers then did share
Their heart beats and their drum beats
That energised our legs
Got the adrenaline pumping
And truthfully it begs

The question what is ritual
A day to understand
The coming of the moment
A movement through the land
Perspiring in the sunshine
Stirred up and raring to go
The emotion and the action
Every bit of it on show

Down into the the reception centre
Where coaches by the tonne
Are rolling in with Far Eastern people
Enjoying the sun
tourists really everywhere
Sunglasses and oil
and a big shop full of souvenirs
Of other people’s toil

Some drink and sit to chat a while
To joke to laugh to cry
To spread all the emotions
To people passing by
Stone henge is so impressive
And holds the ancestors gaze
Being in the inner sanctum
Stays with us all our days

I must compliment our arch druid
A women who stands tall
Who purposefully is always there
To guide and lead Us all
A women of such substance
Even the bearded white blokes tend
To bow before her majesty
For with her they can spend

an enlightened forceful period
Of ritual and of joy
This women was the founder
And she does employ
A wealth of solid stature
And shines within her light
A counsellor and a mentor
Whose is capable and bright

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