Shrine Circus

Bull hook abusers
Are now back in town
The ugly revulsion
Is now going down
Sustained action calling
Protestors in shot
Questioning sincerely
Reactions they got

An ugly performance
Ignorance reigns
The numbing of wild folk
Caught in the chains
Driven to madness
Carrying those
Ignorant humans
With bells on their toes

The circus shows violence
Behind closed doors, we
See bull hooks now carried
The elephant be
Driven to carry
Driven to earn
An angel or two exhibit concern

To be met by pure anger
A monster a man
Who wipes away truth
That was always his plan
The elephant carries
The arrogant hordes
Sadly regretting
Truly affords

The pain on his feet
The weight of it all
The aggression is rife
In the mind of the fool
Don’t you eat chicken?
Go see the cow
The slaughterhouse anthem
The ongoing row

We are the vegans
The light we have seen
The guilty remain
In the darkness obscene
They can’t feel the agony
Blurred by it all
The blonde with the red lips
Answers the call

You cyber bully
You should donate
Leave us alone
For we are just great
At exploitation
The elephant feels
Pain she feels boredom
Look hard she reveals

What circus is doing
What people derive
From riding a wild beast
Who wants to survive
In the vile circus jungle
Exploitation abounds
Bull hooks and cruelty
And in it she drowns

We have to stand up and be counted today
These men dreadful creatures
We see the dismay
They cause in the name
Of anger and stress
Attacking a women
Trying to redress

The balance a little
The voiceless remains
Bull hooked and lonely
Encased in those chains
Carrying those of us
Who feel the need
Of The ongoing slaughter
Just to succeed

To feel that elephants back
Between our legs
The beat of it’s heart
And it’s tearful display
The vileness of man
The anger he shows
Far removed from the care
And the soulful repose

Go back to your jungle you evil of men
Striking a women
Telling her when
She should or she shouldn’t
Feel what she feels
Break her spirit you fool
For to us it reveals

Your self your true self

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