All the world is plundering
The wildness of the earth
The arrogance and vile conceit
For what is true shared worth
The wild ones live on Krill
The ocean store is there’s to use
Not corporation larcenists
Who thoroughly abuse

It’s a so called health supplement
With its omega 3
And all the bloody supermarkets
Are flogging it actually
And Krill numbers are crashing
Billions of them gone
With profits going through the roof
Imagine out upon

The oceans of this wondrous world
Where whales and penguins ply
Where seals and sea birds are needful
But where human beings lie
Telling other human beings
To buy this marvellous Krill
The Antartic Krill is priceless
Can you feel that chill?

Our ignorance and negligence
Is starving whales for we
Only think of profits
And our own selves actually
Some talk about Japan as killing whales
Which of course they do
But eating their bloody diet
Thinking that you too

Should supplement this whale food
With the varied foods you eat
Is tantamount to cruelty too
Supplying profits to the elite
We have to change our attitudes
we have enough food it’s clear
Look in the bloody supermarkets
Food from there to here

The whales though they have one supply
The Krill so what we do
Is plunder the bloody oceans
Unsustainably it’s true
The advertisements are misleading
There are few prophets there
It’s all about the other kind
The Profits of despair

The poor cetaceans are beginning
To starve and that is true
Stop buying Krill get a thrill
From something else will you?
Realise the importance of the ocean to us all
Realise the cetaceans needs
Just be on the ball!

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