I do not want to see you
It just doesn’t consist
Of many words but all of them
I would have rather missed
I really hated reading them
They made my blood run cold
They made feel so ugly
On them I wasn’t sold

I just felt very empty
No substance any more
I didn’t really want to think
I wanted to ignore
That I had ever seen those words
And that they were meant for me
Clearly it was over
Our friendship couldn’t be

I just felt rather awful
I decided I wouldn’t eat
I would go on a sort of fast
It really had me beat
It manifested in me
A horror to be sure
She didn’t want to see me
Ever at her door

I guess it made me very sad
what was
I to do
Helping her was what I did
And now all that was through
She didn’t want to see me
I guess this was the end
This morning I got out of a bed
And she was my friend

My lovely friend my best friend
It’s now six twenty three
And she doesn’t want to see or hear
Another word from me
It’s only been about 3 hours
But I feel sick inside
I cannot come to terms with it
Perhaps I have to hide
Away just talk, to no one
Just sit And contemplate
And be sad that I will never see her
Which is Something that I hate

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