Genital mutilation

There are many girls around this world
Suffering such pain
Suffering such agony
Why can’t we refrain

From torturing them daily
From interfering we
Must leave them all alone to live
Their lives completely naturally

Some have never been to school
They have that crass idea
That a women’s place is in the home
Not outside, their cheer

Is obeying their husbands
Every taut request
Feeding him both sexually
And nutritionally At best
shopping having children
A servant and a slave
This is the mentality
Of the ignorant who save

Their civility for others
Outsiders let us say
What of their charming daughter
She has been dumped along the way

at three it’s circumcision
The agony and pain
The uncertainty of why and what
As her life goes down the drain

She is nervous she is anxious
She is tortured that’s her life
Her emotions are all shot Way
With what is awful strife

Then she is told to marry
A man three times her age
He is going to rape her
Send her in a rage

But she can just do nothing
She is his new doll
She is to be raped each day
By a man without a soul

So, she gets no education
Just violence and despair
Sealed virgins of experimentation
Always waiting there

Women they have no voice
No thought nothing they
Are treated just like chattels
A life in which the pay

The ultimate what is this
A women has to be
Respected for her wondrous place
In what is humanity

The patriarchal nonsense
It must be for the chop
Women rights are essential
All this shit has to stop

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