Galicia and it’s weird traditions

john’s night or the night of witches
Takes place out in Portugal
They are so good at being cruel
Where Animals die in vain

This particular culture
If we can call it this
Is to tie a cat to high post
It might be feeling bliss

Till they put a lot of inflammable stuff
Around the pole and then
Light it and the cat in a clay pot
Must sadly sit there when

The fire gets up that high and starts to cook
The poor sweet soul
It burns the rope and the cat falls down
In agony it’s role

Over, clearly well alight
it runs around the street
Shrieking like a banshee
And dies at people’s feet

The Portuguese are a cruel lot
They watch this with such glee
A burning cat what’s it about
It’s for good luck essentially

What the people fail to know
Is Bastet is on their case
And she will see that the people
There part of that human race

Will get their share of bad luck
Related around heat
So watch out you So called cat haters
For fires yea down your street!

The history goes back to before 1800 in France
And also in Spain around 23/6 the summer solstice

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