Fracking in Lancashire

Lancashire has told Cuadrilla
No those two sites cannot be
Fracked it is not going to happen
Despite how the government see
This country of ours
Being ruined
The fat cats unloading their dough
Bloody great tankers ruining our roads
And the frack water with no where to go
The air that we breathe full of methane
The water we drink full of shit
The environment that we all live in
Destroyed by these wells it’s a hit

That just will not happen not hereabouts
Cuadrilla can go take a hike
May be lord brown thinks he is going to town
But the people around here don’t like
The thought of this vile contamination
The thought of the nosebleeds and more
The actual reduction in health that we have
Which will not be covered by law

Being stitched up by these arses
Is not what we want and therefore
Lancashire won’t allow fracking
Neither will we mate for sure!

2 comments on “Fracking in Lancashire

  1. DAVID A BAINES on said:

    Hi Rex,
    I have recently recorded a Youtube video on the song “The Wild Mountain Thyme”. I am sure you will like it? I modified a few original lyrics to include the word Fracking (Which can also be changed to Bankers – depending on the peaceful march sirtuation) Here is the Link, if you want the Word doc. with the modified lyrics I will need your email address Rex.
    Kind regards

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Hello David that’s lovely that you have done this and can raise people’s hopes and wishes on the whole fracking issue.
      I have written 91 poems to date on fracking on my word blog

      My e mail is I am a druid and I live in Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire
      I am a bard and animal rights activist, and a public speaker for animals rights and the environment
      Good to hear from you

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