Delta and it’s record with pets

It seems that this airline is chosen
Above all the others
To carry the pet dogs and they
Because of this suffer the greatest
Problems but actually statistics
Essentially say

Animals do risk the journey
Becoming their last one
And some
sadly get injured
Which is the way
delta are sorry but numb

That they carry thousands and thousands more
Pets that when things go wrong
It’s not they ignore
It’s just it’s inevitable some pets will die
Some will go missing
For of course when we fly

The stress is apparent and animals they
Stored in the holds with their health

They don’t always get checked
As well as they might
Water is important on a long flight
Stress of the journey
The cold can create
A vile disturbance
When they have to wait

Alone in a kennel or cage
No one there
It must be extraordinary
That much despair

Clearance through customs
The quarantine laws
Handling you guess it
Well its a cause
For dogs to just flake out
And give up the goose
And Delta appears to offer the excuse
Clearly they are sorry when pets up and die
Or somehow get injured
But now knowing why
delta is suffering maybe it’s true
They carry a lot of them
But only a few

Suffer the mishaps reported around
They have a track record
Thats best pound for pound

If you happen to lose your best pooch in the world
Who was put in the cargo hold
And then was hurled
forward or backwards
In turbulence they
Might have a broken leg
And die on the way

It happens it’s tragic but it happens
And so
they do what they can
And are sorry you know

This is no answer
But handlers too
Might not be so gentle
And do what you do

Carrying pets by air
Does Seem to me
A real risky business
I hope you agree

As for this airline
Delta I am sure
They do what they can
And they try to do more

Freeze up a kitty

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