Catio’s a good idea maybe so but for me suspicious me it smacks at freedom

Ok it rhymes with patio
So what
That’s how I feel
Containing cats in safety
That’s the big appeal

The dangers of the human world
The cruelty that abounds
So buy a purpose made jobby
But for me there are no grounds

To lock up every victim
It’s the perpetrators who
Need locking up for ever
Not the victims
That’s my view

It just goes against our freedom
To say our world is a dangerous place
So we are locking up the innocent
And outside we shall chase

The evil ones the cruelty
The traffic and the rest
And transfer that to humans too
Yes let us all invest

In a sort of open cage system
Whipsnade of Mayfair
Caged up
As safe as houses
But living in despair

It’s an incompatibility
With the real world, I can say
A kind of animosity
That’s just got it’s own way

It’s just a withdrawal
A retirement if you like
An exclusion zone like Palestine
An anti social hike

I can see, on the face of it
It’s a marketing chance for some
And erected at the backs of houses
Of course they will sell some

But it’s putting out a message
That’s not now underground
It’s out there in the psyche
That my cat will be found

In a paradise I have made for her
A cloister where she stays
I can always see her
And She is there really all her days

Exploring her existence
Coming up against the cage
An evacuee a refugee
Of the present age

Cameras are everywhere
Surveillance on the go
Build the cages all around us
And just let us know

You are taking care of us
From the muggers that abound
Who live out in the open
Whilst we live in the pound

Controlled our every movement
Left to meditate
To eat our food
And use our box
And truthfully just wait

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