Shortcomings of a CAFO concentrated animal farming operation

Mercola surmises
That may be
some surprises
Why Alzheimer’s disease
Is Increasing so much
Could be the reason
The great CAFO season
Of arrogance everywhere
And We’re out of touch

animals giving us their
Flesh, we call meat
The stuff that the world at large
Now wants to eat
Most don’t care less
About how it is
And How it’s fed till it’s dead
And whilst living
How harmed

Its only the cost
In the shop Where they care
No one around seems to be that aware
So we know in the past that the corporate way
Was all about profit for them come what may
Health isn’t paramount it’s the ordeal
For the animals and consumers
Yes that,
is for real

Its actually set and all prison fed
Poorly and unloved as well
They came from heaven and we turned it around
And they just entered our hell
We the consumers are dying like flies
Alzheimer’s and Cruezfelt Jakob
Hits the skies
But it’s all kept hush hush
Don’t tell anyone
Mad cow disease too
It seems we are done

If you eat meat
You have 3 times more
Chance of
of Alzheimer’s
A laboured dance
Is Alzheimer’s actually
A mild form,of what we
Are getting mad cow
Disease, yes it could be

TB In cows
It’s all over the place
They are murdering Badgers
And they spit in the face
Of ethical farmers
Who know its a waste.
Of a life all these badger
And forcing the minds of the people away
To the CAFO style farming
That’s started to pay

Dividends clearly
As animals die
Agonised deaths and they are wondering why
Humans are still eating
Their flesh and their fat
They don’t see correlations
They Don’t know where they are at

Could be we are being killed
The milk and the meat
In us it does soak
The prionic proteins
Contained In the meat
Gets into our brains
And can quickly delete

So we are dying like flies
Though prescriptions comes fast
But nobody cares
For The die has been cast
Prionic proteins
Chemical crap
Round up and chem trails
Vaccinations, the trap
Is out there
The white coats
And scientists too
Are paid by the corporates
Who all want to do

Well for themselves
For we are seen
As excess baggage

They are incredibly mean
So it’s best That we go
Fuck off go away
For they don’t want The rabble
Around them today.

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