Production is up and growing
For so many victims, we
Are being turned out now every day
So called humanity
Upside down in trucks in hospitals
We can see them lie
Eyes just about open
Peering to the sky

Their memories come flooding back
The misty climes of day
The cries of birds and monkeys
The wildness was a way
Each interlude of peacefulness
Pictures of content
acrobatics on high branches
All were heaven sent

their lives were natural gestures
Observant of the light
Following the rivers
Watching primates taking flight
To another dimension
The freedom it was there’s
A red flash in the morning
The orangutang, shares

It’s true tree line activity
But sadly it has become
A victim in the field house
Apparently so numb
A doctor with her stethoscope
Listens to a broken heart
Breathlessly and silently
Trying to impart

The horror and the sadness
Of becoming victims who
Once climbed through the forests
But now just cannot view
Screwed up all the trees are gone
The holocaust reborn
All the creatures murdered
Although we tried to warn

The people far across the seas
Its what the corporations do
destruction so apparent
And all entirely true
Great machines rolled in
And smashed down everything we had
The orchestra of finance
The stillness now is sad

As the strimmers and the loggers
What was the big steal
A great down pour of leaves
Which never could appeal
Dust clouds rose into our sky
Fire burned hot around
Ugly blackened edifices
Strangely did abound

Making boards for garden decking
Many miles away
Sacrificing everything
For that is man kinds way
Trucked into this hospital
And on your bed I lie
My eyes are open to it all
My heart though asks you why

The memories come flooding back
The misty climes of then
The cries of birds and primates
And then the sight of men
Life was a web of species
Interacting well
Everything was connected
Man made it into hell

Man the great destroyer
Of what nature brought and set
Before us through our wondrous minds
He created debt
Yea feed me with your melon
Infect me with your drugs
Drive me to another place
Protect me from your bugs

Put me in a market cage
With other wild souls who
Are waiting to be bought as pets
From somebody like you
Is this to be our future
Stuck in some wire cage
A zoo for you to gawp at us
Call yourselves a sage

Forlornly we are purely
Living statues, we
Lost our forest homes and came
To your hell where you be
Trying to communicate
Trying just to say
Why we logged your forests bare
And chained us up today

We walked where we were born to walk
But you stopped all of that
Your greed had demonstrated
Now where you are at
All the leaves have fallen this is what you bring
Total sick confusion
To every underling

So many victims burning
Your fire it burned us black
The orangutang lies on your bed
He knows there is no way back
Life was a web of species
Interacting well
But man through his corporations
Made everything his hell

Pornographic magazines
And litter everywhere
The wild souls they were wasted
And now share your despair
Picture books and hospitals
That’s the future we
Share with human beings
Now too blind to see

Humanity the depravity
The shocking ugly scene of bars and fucking cages
Where naturalness had been
Exposed to the unheroic
The Indifference and the fire
The crackling smoking monster
The devastation dire

Palm oil saplings laid for miles
Ready soon to bring
Deforestation and hell on earth
Where no sweet soul dare sing
Wrapped up in a cotton towel
The oil palm meant to be
In your junk food far away
Across a polluted sea

Help to rape the forests
Leaving everywhere so bare
Just prolong the agony
Of every being there
Made in Indonesia and Malaysia
The labels proudly advertise
This fact
Loaded onto tankers owned my myriad bankers
The corporate names of Nestle kraft just react

The natural world of forests producing
Cleaner air
Sacrificed for filthy junk foods
Is no one aware
Just a bunch of brainwashed twerps
Woking for those who
Are destroying environments
Which they say they do for YOU

But they are fucking psycho’s
To sacrifice as all
Just to make their factories and offices
So tall
And to poison all our children
With the refinements of the new
Leaving behind the ugliness
Which humans sadly do

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