The Grand Salon

The Grand Salon
A celebration
Of An eating place
On an aristocratic style
New York displayed it’s face

Open alcoves with champagnes
Where you could do your thing
Everywhere such luxury
It just had that special ring
That was until coyote chairs turned
Up to firm up things
These sensitive wild animals
Murdered, and that brings
A rueful edge to all of this
Apologetic too
And they wasn’t even comfortable
So they decided, to do
The obvious to get shot of them
And replace the upholstery
With linen clearly softer
Where no outrage, could be

If animal rights means something
And the feral boys needs must
Abusing them with coyote chairs
Will, surely disgust
The general ostentation
And theatricality
And all those slaughtered animals
It wasn’t right and we see
Them now replaced with linen
So much more dignity
With flourish and correctness
And sumptuous gaiety

The ritual is to flaunt oneself
Magniloquent on show
The Baccarat has done this
And the clientele will grow
Based on clearly ethics
And taking note of how
Some people, might see it
Causing such a row
Cuozzo the chevalier
Decided they must be
Carted off to somewhere else
Exit the coyote

As an animal rights protagonist
I have to now agree
That before they made this decision
It had lowered the quality
Nothing grand about those chairs
And death was felt by those
Who sat their arses on these skins
Which kind of numbed their toes
For the under skin construction
Was truly as hard as lead
And people found they clenched their buttocks
Which brought this to a head

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