Sound waves and beyond

In our world of ocean magic
Where our orchestra must play
A great force of stimulation
Strengthens us each day
The tone the pitch the cadence
The stillness of the deep
The resonant vibrations
ululating in our sleep

We fail the oceans sentinels
For underneath the ice
In thousands of miles
Of darkness
In fact their paradise
They communicate precisely
Harmoniously they swing
In rhythms so melodic
So tunefully they bring
A passion to each other
A cacophonous display
If not to our human sense
To An underling lets say

Whales ply through the oceans
Great depths demand great power
They may not see their own sweet tail
But through great kelp jungles, plough
They send their eerie haunting voices
Many many miles
Their mind resolves the soundness
Of perhaps a million dials

The human sound is wanting
It’s instability
It alienates cetaceans
To mental deficiency
It’s seemingly hysteria
Shell shock of a kind
That blinds them with emotion
Which so rattles their mind

Within the auditorium
The acoustic heart we feel
As regards true reception
Can it still be real
The vast amount of stridulous smog
Emanating from
The great sea of the city
Exploding like a bomb

Each melody of conscience
Is a tuneless off pitch sound
Perhaps an intoxication
In the excitement that’s around
Within each navigation
We intensify each note
Invigorate and penetrate
Through every human throat

The joyfulness and pleasure
The trauma of it all
Those blessed days of silence
The adversity on call
Such wretchedness and misery
Such unease and such remorse
The lethargy of gliding
In what is the upward force

Listen to their voices
Listen to their joy
We now reduce their acoustic space
And, therefore annoy
The heart out of these creatures
In an ever deeper place
We create the pollution
It is something they must face

Our ignorant rejection
Of our terrible affliction
That takes their truest world apart
Altering their diction
Leaving them crestfallen
Solemn and sedate
Uninvited and depressing
Which is open to debate

A serious lamentation
A vast Great Wall of woe
A dawning in their mourning
Wherever they may go
The indifference of thereafter
Each treadmill of each day
The dreariness and the drabness
That will not go away

We destroy now by our anger
By our ignorance
That we do
Creating a smog of ugliness
And a fear that cuts right through
A matrix of uncertainty
A desperation to
a sonic power of seeing
Becomes unseeing
To the few

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