Prescription drugs

Every year they kill about 200,000 souls
Prescription drugs forget the bugs
It’s big pharma that controls
The market place in drugs
Doctors are just their slaves
And we are all the guinea pigs
Fodder for the knaves

Thats the way it happens
Drugs are number three
After cancer and heart disease
It seems it has to be
Doctors cannot know the facts
The interactions they
Cause with food and other drugs
The Side affects some say

Are worse than the diseases
It’s true and blatantly
The older patients fall
Because of drugs
And we soon see
The funeral parlours cashing in
That’s the way it seems
Medicine and organised crime
Prescriptions there are reams

Issued and now taken
Every sodding day
Some are taking cocktails
To help them on their way
And on their way they are going
With diseases by the score
Drugs are killing people
And still some want for more

Some are detached about it all
obliquely it is there
And, there is corruption
And all of us can share
The unreliability
The complicity as well
Once we did have honour
But now we just have hell

Our foods are laced with toxins
With refinement and with crap
Satan runs the corporations
It’s all in our lap
We can study we can care but for many
It’s no odds
They eat the shit thats advertised
And blame it on the gods

Take one drug then another
Eat beef and then farmed fish
Antibiotics everywhere
Filling up the dish
So much immorality
It’s true
It just about the money
And what some companies do

Drugs affect the brain of course
And people do fall down
The cows milk they have been drinking
Well that soon goes to town
The bones they become brittle
Hips won’t mend alas
The drugs they give to sort this
With secrets under wraps

Vaccines there are many
Live virus yea and more
Children die because of them
It’s a guerrilla war
Waged against the people
From Big Pharma and the rest
With ministries too in the pot
And Monsanto in the nest

What chance have the people got
Most now live in fear
They smoke they drink
All on the brink
Yes it’s very clear
Cosmetics too will harm you
It’s every bleeding where
Everyone is making money
And nobody does care

Best don’t get sick and if you do
Keep away from the doc
If he gives you tablets
You give him a shock
Tell him to stick them up his arse
Or take the shit himself
Best just drink good water
Leave his shit, on the shelf

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