An orange sky and a fracking lie

An orange sky
A city grey
A great big sun
To start the day

But little heat
Just a chemtrail
And this fucking dust
Is everywhere

Aluminium and Barium
And god knows what
Else we can do
As the shit comes down

And settles fast
As the great drills whine
And the hammers blast

Everywhere we feel the pain
There is no way out
Nothing to gain
From running
Though it weakens us
Stop the car and get
On the bus

It a safe place
From this covert mess
Possibly a bastion
From all this stress
It will be a relief to get away
To extricate ourselves today

Be fugitives possibly so
Keep our heads down
As off we go

To be opposed and confronted by
The so called cops
All bloody high

Armour clad and on their way
We were being made to pay

The predicament was misery
Defined by the authority
The legitimacy of the patronage
In the ascendancy on the bridge

With a written warrant
To promulgate
And to do so
At the fastest rate

An abrogation of things to come
A punitive hostile feeling numb
Stealing our oxygen and water too
It’s thievery that’s what they do

All emotions are up and gone
Shadows and darkness now upon
The gushing unctuous place
Where every bugger wants to see

The fracking pads stretch for miles and miles
No whiner and breather reconciles
Or mitigates
For all the dials

Are so controlled by the dark machine
By the grotesque monster
Who has been
Foul and shocking and disfigured too
By the vulgar and ghastly shit right through

This whole universe today
Unfashionable in every way
Fear is rampant the loss of nerve
The apprehensiveness, does serve
The community that’s all around
That really now just does abound

The bogeymen are everywhere
Terror ridden and such despair
Follows us hopeful we can agree
To be frightened to death eternally

The air is frightful the water rank
The world we knew outside just blank
The fracking started and locations became
Lost in the gushing gas borne flame

This is the legacy we leave behind
For all of the children who sadly find
A world of squalor and a world of pain
A world where only the corporates gain

It started with Cameron and his win
The evaporation ponds of sin
The bronchitis every child took ill
And the filthy water thats flowing still

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