Malevolence. (The Chinese pig story)

At the end of the day
All the animals pay
For the margin and the
Final cost
We all have been brainwashed
to think of ourselves
We are drawn to the food
Off the cheapest of shelves

Fair trade and organic and slow food
As such
Does not get the sales like
The cheap end, it’s much
To difficult These days
For farmers alone
To continue to trade
With the principles known

The corporates screw them
Into the ground and most of us know this
But don’t make a sound
And so they resort to the horrendous stuff
The adding of crap
Have we not heard enough

This arse of a farmer goes much lower still
Feeding shit to his pigs
The worse kind of swill
To fatten them up on their journey
To town
Pumping their shit
Through pipes going down

Their throats all the way
Imagine that scene
Of frustration and evil
It all going down
The tubes as we say
At the end of the day
And of course it’s the animals
that have to pay

The culprits are us
We who eat cheap cuts, we
The super stores grow
As the animals plea
They have cried out for years
But we just closed our ears
And ate more and more
Or so it appears

Now they are monsters
Stores everywhere
Who have eaten the ethical shops
To despair
Who have swallowed up family farms
Who were all keen
And left us with corporates
And the machine

Profit and margins are what it’s about
And the animals, fuck them!
There there’s no doubt
They have thought up all manner
Of systems to blind
Consumers with digital systems
Our mind

is lost on the prices
The offers and more
We don’t care about farmers
Nobody’s sure
As they grovel in shit
And they probably eat
All the shit too
Unlike the elite

The power corporations
They knuckle down
Feeding shit from the skies
All over town
Our children eat slime most of the time
It’s out there the nuggets the crap
And the grime

Dressed up in boxes
Sold on the TV
In children’s comic books
That’s where it be
And this sees the cruelty the vileness
Just grow
One picture on Facebook
And the shit does flow

Out of our thoughts about this Chinese bloke
Who committed a sin
It’s a sin that will soak
Into our bodies and the bodies of those
Pigs off to market
Yes I suppose

it does on the face of it
Sicken us so
But the programme is crushing the farmers
You know
To the ends of the earth to the bowels
Just to try
And make their ends meet
But The systems awry

At the end of the day
The animals pay with their lives
With their day to day torture
And we
Some of us don’t have an idea about it
Some of us buy into it and we be

Part of the reason
Brainwashed we are
To the corporate systems
That damage and scar
All of you carnivores
Must look Within
When pointing our fingers and scratching
Our skin

When yes being racist
When yes being cruel
To the foreigners out there
The vilest of fool
Who is trying to feed his kids
And pay his rent
But is under the remit
As the corporates vent

Their anger their power
Over him and so he
Goes for broke
For their cloak
Suffocates him and we
Have to change our tune
Be caring and kind
Pay the right price
The one underlined

What this farmer did
Was a terrible thing
Vile and of course
So distressing
We are right to respond
As we have but to feel
The corporate systems
What does it reveal

We are all part of it
Those of us who
Go to the market
And want cheap food too
Who can work to achieve
The margin some make
Only those doing it
for their own sake

You may feel my response
Does not address
The issue we see here
For you feel the stress
As I I do as I I did 47 years ago
When I became vegan
And not part of this show

Feeding crap to his pigs
Shows me a desperate man
Whose life has already
Gone down the pan
Inside his sick mind
He has done what he could
From the markets pressure
Which is also not good

For it’s turning good men
Into devils en masse
From piglet to death
All I say is Alas
It’s been one awful hell hole
Which we failed to see
At the end of the day
It’s how it had to be

So think think aloud
Make the people all see
When ordering spare ribs
Or pork roast just be
Please I beg you At the end of the day
The animals tragically
Are the ones, that do pay

Tonight in the Chinese
Sweet and sour pork
Dressed up with spring onions
If they could just talk
They would tell you the hell
They faced every day
And it Proves beyond anything else
What I say

Go vegan for fucks sake
Go vegan today
And don’t go for cheap meat
It’s never the way
The animals suffer
There appears now no doubt
And That’s what this story
Is essentially about

About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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