Lady killers

Giraffes appear to be the ladies target
Canned hunting farms have them on offer, they
Are hard to miss apparently this tall leaf eating soul
Gunned down in a frenzy so some say
This is what the bold ones are now doing
Going out to Africa to bag
A beautiful wild creature
It’s about eradication
Violence and devastation
These new women apparently fly the flag

Energise themselves it’s a kind of tonic
A vigorousness and outburst of desire
Bellicose inflamed with such emotion
They come in like a lion whose manes on fire
They don’t need camouflage just jeans and a tea shirt
Off the truck no need to touch the ground
Looking through the telescopic rifle lens
The stillness of the moment all around
Peacefulness and tranquility
Not a breath of air
A tender finger on the trigger
A Uneventful windless restful prayer

The great beast takes it once twice
And falls forward
A living being lost without regard
Lifeless breathless a martyr for existence
And hits the ground so very very hard
Scuppered by the evil of the hunter
Pole axed as the bullets tore into
The precious flesh threshed by the flying implants
That almost cut a passage deep and through

Where had femininity now gone to
The gentleness the virgin and the bride
More so a dark frigidity
A cold and pitiful feeling
That just erupted from her deep inside
The light had been so powerful flushed with radiance
Obscured now by the dead soul at her side
Posing with her rifle and a big smile on her lips
The poor soul very blood stained
Was denied

This trip had been so positive
The great beast now lay still
She was no sage nor oracle
But she got the greatest thrill
From seeing a great animal
Crash down before her eyes
Lost for all eternity
And prepared to realise

This was really meaningful
Affirming to her, she
Had exaggerated nothing
But the purest symphony
A clarity of thinking
Her most explicit thoughts
An energy of boundless love
Of course minus the warts

The voicelessness the aphony
Would not again be heard
Up there in the branches
Not a single word
Would pass alas this gentle soul
Would no more taste the sky
The hunter paid her bounty
And the giraffe just had to die

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