Wild elephants how they suffer
The martyrdom and pain
The instrument of anguish
The distressing notes that gain
A distressing amount of angst among
Those who hear their cries
The heavy handed harshness
And the bloody weeping eyes

The training crush of evil
Kraal with ropes and ties
It’s designed to crush the spirit
In case the babe defies
They stab the ears
They stab the feet
They deprive the soul of sleep
Torture dire and terrible
To see it is to weep

What’s it about you may ask me
To tear the wildness free
So as to let the humans on their back
Of course ride free
Tourists at these jungle farms
Of course they want to ride
On the elephants back a while
And hate if it’s denied

But the elephants are tortured
Broken till they do
Whipped and bull hooked
Or with chains
This agony is true
The elephant never forgets
He lets the tourists ride
He knows what is the outcome
If his willingness is denied

The tourists is an arrogant sod
Uncaring in a way
By asking for this journey
He thinks he is now on side
But of course the poor old elephants
Have suffered terribly
And so they crouch down and take the ride
Because it has to be

The trials and tribulations
The adversity and woe
The complete mortification
How uneasiness did grow
A wretch describes the misery
Harrowed on the rack
Anxious and unhappy
And getting the attack

Accursed and doomed forever
Made to undergo
To endure the agony
To throw up may be so
To flinch and wince all through it
The terrible distress
This is what the elephants are made to go through
And no less

And so to all you tourists who like to go abroad
To India or Thailand
Just so you can afford
The elephant ride I beg you do not ever go
And tell your friends to also say
If asked never NO!

The elephants remember
The pain they took for days
In their minds and in their hearts
The agony it plays
Out in them those feelings
Those memories they feel
Those burdens it’s stays with them
Forever remains real

And it’s really such annoyance to them
Searing scalding sores
Invidious and offensive
It breaks all the laws
It’s pathetic and tear jerking
Unendurable lets say
And all so tourists can have a ride
On any given day

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