Freedom is priceless

The notions of ocean living
Our freedom our rights to the sea
Freedom of action and of reaction
It’s the place that we all need to be
It is a privilege actually
Where our self expression can flow
Free-born free-bred and enfranchised
Unconfined and unshackled you know

There we can wander unhindered
Go it alone, our own thing
Unbridled uninstructed and unfettered
We can all just have our fling
Enslavement does nothing to help us
Forced labour is something we hate
It’s bondage it’s serfdom it’s shocking
It’s not what we want for our fate

We live in our world of Commitment
Manumitted relieved and unbound
Constrained in a tank of your making
A custodial sentence we have found
We are your slaves in detention
A watery dungeon where we
Become your convicts your victims
Resigned to the fact we’re not free

Suppressed by your rules
And your training
We have to surrender our life
abandon the beauty and soak up the toxic
And take on your immeasurable strife
You are our keepers we have to be
Subservient to you a detainee
Under arrest till we stop breathing then
And sink to the bottom just counting to ten

Be gone from our world
A circus of pain
Doing your tricks oh yes it’s so plain
Cancelled out lost in our ocean of dread
No living food all of it dead
We were not felons we did nothing wrong
Why you enslave us we do not belong
In your miserable tanks so close to the sea
Where we hear the bold surf and the waves
Breaking free

You are the wicked ones
Corporate masters
We become slaves
Created disasters
A circus of sorts
Thats where we are
Subject to ridicule
Yes from afar

A life of despondency
Trapped in the glare
Of your dark intentions
You expect us to share
Your tortured world
Your desperate plight
It’s claustrophobic
And it isn’t right

It’s really contemptible
Expecting that we
Enjoy the frustration
And abnormality
We hate it
It’s ludicrous
Why would you feel
That we can stomach
This prison for real

Hopeless despair is all we can see
Of course we mistrust you
Our timidity
It’s intimidation
And such consternation
It’s not our salvation
For we are not free

And it Grows by the moment
It scares us to death
We are building up courage
To forgo more breath
To sink to the bottom
Of your concrete pool
To go to the Summerland
You blasted fool

2 comments on “Freedom is priceless

  1. Elizabeth green on said:

    Intense, passionate and heartfelt words Rex…I hope that your poems will help educate others,as well as help ‘ us’ articulate what we understand to be so wrong….you see the reality and feel the pain…

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