Farmed fish and the implications for humanity/ environment

Corruption is a cancer
That spreads now everywhere
Top down it is causing
Really much despair
Fish a rich commodity
Where some corporations
Extend their grubby fingers
That might reach the likes of you

It’s really a massive business
Concentrated in
Norway Sweden and Vietnam
And now most places win
Over with the latest craze
Of farming everything
Taking on the natural methods
And trying hard to bring

To bear, the added margins of profit
All the way
With a lack of conscience
Where in essence we all pay
Where arrogance and ignorance
Are partners what you see
Is holding hands together
Into adversity

The many strands of profit levels
Put pressure on each to
Find a bigger share still
That is what they do
And when ministries are at it
The big boys get their way
Improbity is the likelihood
As is so much dismay

In reality only Nature
Knows how to operate
These canny corporations
They always mitigate
Much and remain hidden
Until that is we find
A backlash for humanity
Which is soon underlined

Wildness is the only answer
No difference of degree
The hands of the mighty are able
To compensate and be
Providing the equilibrium
At all levels to ensure
Equality and equivalence
And that’s for evermore

But we of course are altogether different in what we do
Paramount are the financial aspects
And the power base it be true
Which has it’s real shortcomings
No triple bottom line
A parasitical failure
With perfection in decline

Fatty fishes salmon and herring
And the like
thought by some
To be healthy are being farmed
The hike
Away from the environment
To the massive profit store
Creates an inferior process
Far away from Natural law

And when we think we can do this
With our blinkers on we find
There are some repercussions
And they can blow our mind
A vast array of negatives
Can creep up on us and we
Might suffer for it which we are
Now doing tragically

It’s then we find that the
Ethical organisations realise
And a battle does ensue
Between them and the corporate guys
Sort of cutting corners
The ignorance out there
The arrogance of the ceo’s
And the ministry who have covered up
When the danger siren blows

Power corrupts and money talks
It shuts the media down
Exploitation is everywhere
In a sea of it we drown
We are told, omega 3&6 are right
So it’s put in everything we eat
And it becomes the light

More and more fish are in the farms
As such what we do see
Vast amounts of bacteria
Mountains of it, be
Causing vast pollution
Sea lice everywhere
and vast amounts of pesticides
Which many people share

Fish take on genetic forms
Sick and really ill
No oxygen to speak of
Drugs and more drugs still
A soup of incredible horror
A terrible cocktail to try
Putting them through the established mill
With a big tear in ones eye

A vile and vicious cycle
Drowned in residues
Fed on the direst pellets
Which is the foulest news
Dosed with the darkest dioxins
And then pcb’s
Aldrin dieldrin terrible stuff
That begins to turn the screws

Norway and Sweden pollute the fjords
And the fish from the Baltic Sea
Are absolutely dreadful
So much toxicity
Norway is covering up the problems
And prefers to walk away
To make the money and remain calm
And make consumers pay

We who trust and eat fish
And many people do
Fish consumption is increasing
year on year
Maybe me and you
The pellets are so shocking
What the fish now eat
Is destroying them completely
And for consumers, it’s no treat

The fish are falling foul to it
Liver disease and more
Bleeding from their precious fins
Blaming it on the farmers sins
Antibiotics galore
We see a chain reaction
And bacteria Resistant too
Panggar is another fish
From Vietnam they do
Draw It from polluted tributaries
Of the Mekong such despair
Affecting all our immune systems
And we have to be aware
Of our hormones
Cancer and of course heart disease

Now of course Its true
They are really killing us
And the public are on the case
Buying into the cooking and eating
We must face
Ethoxyquin For they
Are putting all the residents at risk
More so everyday
The corporate world of finance
At all cost aimed now at us
It seems they care not one iota
And will never make a fuss
It’s money in their pockets
It’s money in their bank
For us the bold consumer
Our future clearly rank

Lies and loathing our reward
They provoke by using fear
They feel we are revolting
And are uncaring so you hear
No respect for anyone
Passionless are they
Lament with us and mourn with us
For we know it’s our time to pay

They juggled with circumstances
They played us at their game
They struggled to make connections
Their excuses all were lame
The sentient ones were sacrificed
As were our heartfelt thoughts
We bought into their ignorance
And never saw their warts

Somehow they pasted over
The obvious until
The activists were present
Injecting their sweet thrill
Across the board of reckoning
Into the sea of pain
Stand up those who dispute this
And don’t look away again

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