Corporate gods

The good old cow an ungulate
Designed to eat and graze
To feel the sun upon it’s back
And amble all it’s days

We milk them to their lame
Or kill them for their meat
We rape them and make them pregnant
And kidnap I know how sweet!

Now the corporate bosses
In their ivory towers
Who sit and chew the fat all day
Literally for hours

How can they make money?
And better margins for
The bottom line the many layers
As They want more and more

Sack some of the labour force
Put them on the dole
Destroy the natural regimen
I mean they have no soul

More milk more meat more hassle
More profit from the till
Stop them walking in the fields
For energy will spill

Out of them they will need more food
Whereas on a concrete floor
They can stand there in discomfort
They are not paid for

Keeping them so uncomfortable
They slave from morn to night
And feed them grain it’s simpler
Simpler! it’s such shite!

Re creating cows so as the cows
Can turn around
A more than natural profit
Crawling across the ground

Old before their time but then
expendable it’s true
If they get ill we eat them
That’s the thing to do

Living on sold concrete
Plays havoc with their feet
Fed on bloody grains and seeds
Is nutritionally incomplete

They are born to ruminate
On fresh herbage, they
Are treated to inferior food
To sit about all day

No wild plants from the meadow
No sunshine from the sky
No exercise to speak off
No wonder they soon die

Their calves kidnapped immediately
Their milk stolen away
Made to be pregnant year on year
It’s the most profitable way

The concentrated animal
feeding operation
It’s mechanised
From birth to slaughter, they
Corporate slaves destroyed by greed
And selfishness by the way

We pay a massive disservice to humanity
With our corporate shit that has ruined how it was
It’s all about the financial rewards of companies
The animal sector suffers and it’s because

They are the voiceless majority
They have no say
Beaten up and kicked around
And just made to pay

You meat eating majority
And Milk consuming mass
It’s your responsibility
This bloody trade is crass

Its cruel it’s really evil
What’s happening so we
Can take short cuts to profit
Without liability

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