Canada you let yourself down BIGTIME

The Seals
Their incarnation
Into this sinful place
Canada just one vile land
Described as a disgrace

Short tempered tetchy
Forbidding,wrathful a violent lot
Who allows the slaughter of Harp Seals
And The anger that they’ve got

Embittered clearly rancorous
And a nasty ugly breed
They bludgeon infant nursing seals
And stand and watch them bleed
Remember they are still nursing
In their mothers soul
The antipathy and disfavour
As Canadians in control
The obnoxiousness
So malicious
Baneful and accursed
And what the hell is it all about
Nothing could be worse

Year after year we see them
Their brains crushed as it flies
Their whimpering Their horror
Can’t the world realise
We alienate each other
To the hatred of it all
Babies locked in mortal combat
Yes of course they call

Out loud for their mother
Who hears them and she tries
To rescue them but she gets whacked
Too, right between her eyes
We know she lived her off spring
We feel her love for she
Has that sweet attachment
But is bludgeoned carelessly

for what. For seal skin fashion
Coats and trousers, we
Slime balls, lost souls, arses
Their vulgarity
Sickens me
It demonstrates
How Canadians explain
The commoners
The boorishness
And what is complete disdain

Let’s stand up for our seal chums
Support them In every way
Get out on the ice floes
And make sure they are okay
Take on these evil rotters
Bashing for all their worth
And protect this lovely species
Who now inherit earth

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