Begging in China

A man resorts to begging
His judgement shot away
He has a faithful slave with him
Shackled so to say
Tortured made to sacrifice
Himself to help the cause
Force fed plastic bottles
And not allowed to pause
To think to even remonstrate
His predicament and we
Watch his choking antics
Which he gives so grudgingly

The beggar clearly ignorant
How can he make that beast
Swallow plastic bottles
And as such enjoy the feast
He clearly has no alternative
His unwillingness we feel
Protesting his halfheartedness
At the plastic bottle meal

In pursuit of money
From interested passers by
He carries on the torture
Making the camel cry
Distressing him like no one knows
To his detriment alas
He be of an arrant character
Scandalous and crass
What he is doing is quite sinister
Calamitous in fact
Ghastly awful and dreadful
And of course he does react
Badly under the pressure
A blasted vulgar way
Of calling in some favours
And making others pay

It is a perplexing problem
A burdensome event
One of awful suffering
Humiliation sent
This camel to a dark place
It’s loss of freedom seen
As subjugation of the worst kind
Amounting to obscene

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