Think before discarding your plastic

Plastic bags and supermarket waste
And plastic string
It’s everywhere
It’s anywhere
From Birmingham to Tring

Blowing in the street it is
On the sand and sea
Getting tangled around the feet
Of sea birds constantly

Turtles in the ocean
Seals among the rocks
Listen to the children playing
Discarding their socks

Plastic it’s thrown everywhere
Everywhere we go
2000 years to biodegrade
That’s if you didn’t know

Imagine that all those creatures
Poor feral souls of the wild
No one cares absausage
And The environment is defiled

It’s hanging in the forest trees
Floating on the streams
Plastic ain’t fantastic
It’s one of their worst dreams

Killing the wild ones every day
All sorts of souls we make them pay
For our, true insanity
Our ignorance how far,we

Spread doom and gloom
And audacity
We have eyes but Fail to see
And we are us regretfully

Unrepentant and uncontrite
Graceless and unshriven
Which can’t be right
Quietly souls are dying
Not a kilo of concern
About our lack of conscienceless
And our real wish to learn

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