Poland knows

All the bloody Corporates
Who brainwash and dictate
Who park their combine harvesters
In front,of our gate
Who erect their huge great silo’s
Full of GM wheat
Who sell their lousy Round Up
That no one wants to eat

We are family farmers
Our tractors we will drive
We shall restore our basic rights
It’s how we survive

Big Ag they are hard arses
Giants with huge gobs
Our future they want to destroy
They are no better than yobs

Our profits it’s our profits
They want to call their own
Our seed base and our fertility
It’s all that we have grown

We have certain solidarity
We will fight for all it’s worth
Saving seeds we will save our seeds
We are here for Mother Earth

The poles now standtogether
Monsanto Is the king
Maybe they took the packet
And found the underling

Poland has had enough of this
Poland’s going to fly
Monsanto and the jokerboys
And we don’t care if they die

Organic is our vision
True feelings from the soul
There will be no collision
Because we have no role

To play with we are seriously
Ready to depart
GM foods are finished
They were never from the heart

Never ever from the heart
Nor from the souls of man
They were purely cyborgs
Carrying the can

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