The lawlessness
Of trainers
Of owners
It’s so wrong
It’s so impermissible
And it has been all along

It is pure transgression
Culpable to sin
Terrible malpractice
So that the dogs can win
Totally unjustifiable
And criminality
Lack of conscience
And corruption and such laxity

Run till they die races
A baseness that’s so low
Good for nothing Knavery
And complicity on show
It truly is a wickedness
An opportunist who
Injects Arsenic and Viagra
And some use Cocaine too

This vile cocktail
It is meant to make the canines run
In Argentina and Chile
The chemicals what they’ve done
Is mess with their poor minds alas
Complete improbity
They are really common thugs
Drunk on rascality

Scant respect for any soul
Aweless insolent fools
Everything is about contempt
They never follow rules
The callousness the relentlessness
The irreconcilable way
Beyond the gates of mercy
Where the persecuted lay

Predacious and raptorial
Rotters, blighters,scabs
Scoundrels cheats and liars
Nobody keeps tabs
On them
A graceless bunch of git’s
Shysters everyone
Threatening and criminous
And answering to none

The dogs are cruelly treated
Drugged up to the eyes
Made to run in pairs
Nobody denies
The unlawfulness
The unwarranted
The unforgivable strain
The sinful
The unrighteousness
The one-sided refrain

Australian breeders are at it
Shipping the dogs away
Across the sea to Argentina
Where they are made to pay
And Chile takes its share as well
So no justice at all
They are suffering at every level
Pitilessness on call

Threats are flying this way
And that way, so we hear
People are now menacing
There is a lot of fear
To force the dogs to experience
The anger and the pain
The bitterness the rancour
And all of the disdain
Someone has to pay for this
The nauseous display
The unloved and abhorrent
The defiance of the day

Australia has to come to terms
Live baiting has to be
Stopped along with greyhound racing
And their temerity
Will not be given credence
It’s intolerable to see
The hysterical the overwrought

4 comments on “Greyhounds

  1. Carole Gilbert on said:

    Iv read this poem over and over its says it all these disgusting humans money making scum bags I thank God that us people like urself who are doing what we can to help I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who r working so hard Australia well karma to them and to everyone who does these animals wrong x

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Lovely to hear from your Carole really it helps me to help animals to hear from people who I do not know who visit my blog


  2. Emma Davies on said:

    Words that have so much feeling behind them need to be heard and heard aloud. We are killing our planet with the continuous gain for profit no matter what we do… Trophy hunting, killing of animals for food that we think will give us a better hard on! Betting for sport on animals. Digging for fossil fuel that causing more climate change which we see today. Its all about greed and ignorance.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thanks Emma for coming to share your thoughts with me so appreciate it
      I sit here alone most days writing for the animAls sending poems all around the internet
      It’s great to hear from you it sustains me too. X

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