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To be forsaken Put out Left alone Thrown on the street Having to fend for yourself can be Hard no one to greet She died our human friend Has gone She fed us, loved us, we Realised her value Each … Continue reading

Crow boys

The Crow is a Joe Quite a dear so and so A thief a collector Of sorts He wears his tuxedo As black as the night And really has his share of thoughts Talking of bird brains This fellow excites … Continue reading

A fox cafe where you cans cuddle and eat biscuits and mints

It’s supposed to be a good idea A novel thing it does appear A fresh approach a fledgeling place A drink some biscuits and mints The grace Of patting foxes of proving they Are cuddly wild souls Who just may … Continue reading

Plastic it will be the death of us all

So much plastic 60 times more so Thank plankton, they The fish t he turtles The huge great whales What have they to say Filthy fucking particles Micro plastic bits Swallowed in their metric tonnes It so gets on my … Continue reading

The whole Hog

Lyall Watson had his finger On the potential role of pigs He understood them and realised Their observation digs Deep into their psyche Into their fascination for Life just how resourceful they are Who dares ignore he was obvious about … Continue reading


Being riddled with consternation Being lost in such dismay For want of a bit more courage I hesitate to say My daughter she has problems The school she’s at appears To not understand her predicament And so heightens her fears … Continue reading


Iris a 32 years old Chimpanzee Lived in a cage In a place Chessatea A sort of zoo On the roadside poor soul In a cramped dirty cage A dark little hole In Georgia she was Filthy as hell Under … Continue reading

Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface of what is Life the ocean wide The orcas and the dolphins Simply cannot hide Plunged into captivity The aqua parks deceive Their public into thinking That they alone achieve A wonderment In what is A cash … Continue reading

A spectrum disorder

The rate of growth in environmental Quarters The inoculant that subdues The spirit child Who is medically disabled Potentially enabled Who has crossed the current Boundaries Bordering on the wild We refuse to understand Their coordination A gift alongside their … Continue reading

She wears a white dress but she doesn’t confess

A white dress and boots Stood there in the sun A big ram hung swinging Look what she’s done Stripping the skin And the wool of his back Stood on his head So under attack She is the hunter Who … Continue reading