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To be forsaken Put out Left alone Thrown on the street Having to fend for yourself can be Hard no one to greet She died our human friend Has gone She fed us, loved us, we Realised her value Each … Continue reading

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Crow boys

The Crow is a Joe Quite a dear so and so A thief a collector Of sorts He wears his tuxedo As black as the night And really has his share of thoughts Talking of bird brains This fellow excites … Continue reading

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A fox cafe where you cans cuddle and eat biscuits and mints

It’s supposed to be a good idea A novel thing it does appear A fresh approach a fledgeling place A drink some biscuits and mints The grace Of patting foxes of proving they Are cuddly wild souls Who just may … Continue reading

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Plastic it will be the death of us all

So much plastic 60 times more so Thank plankton, they The fish t he turtles The huge great whales What have they to say Filthy fucking particles Micro plastic bits Swallowed in their metric tonnes It so gets on my … Continue reading

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The whole Hog

Lyall Watson had his finger On the potential role of pigs He understood them and realised Their observation digs Deep into their psyche Into their fascination for Life just how resourceful they are Who dares ignore he was obvious about … Continue reading

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Being riddled with consternation Being lost in such dismay For want of a bit more courage I hesitate to say My daughter she has problems The school she’s at appears To not understand her predicament And so heightens her fears … Continue reading

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Iris a 32 years old Chimpanzee Lived in a cage In a place Chessatea A sort of zoo On the roadside poor soul In a cramped dirty cage A dark little hole In Georgia she was Filthy as hell Under … Continue reading

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Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface of what is Life the ocean wide The orcas and the dolphins Simply cannot hide Plunged into captivity The aqua parks deceive Their public into thinking That they alone achieve A wonderment In what is A cash … Continue reading

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A spectrum disorder

The rate of growth in environmental Quarters The inoculant that subdues The spirit child Who is medically disabled Potentially enabled Who has crossed the current Boundaries Bordering on the wild We refuse to understand Their coordination A gift alongside their … Continue reading

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She wears a white dress but she doesn’t confess

A white dress and boots Stood there in the sun A big ram hung swinging Look what she’s done Stripping the skin And the wool of his back Stood on his head So under attack She is the hunter Who … Continue reading

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Look at me through some bars if you can

Soft warm and innocent Blamelessly so A state of grace Harmless you know Sweetly inoffensive Playfully you Are gently angelic Excused all you do A good moral strength Saintly of soul You walk oh so humbly But with such control … Continue reading

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Homeless boy

Abandoned and Homeless A 7 year old On a New York sidewalk So I ‘m told Isolated in a A plastic bag Orphaned and Kithless Just a wet rag A Shirt Just So rootless Unsettled Disturbed and so hurt Banished … Continue reading

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It’s all about class

Psychotically wired With an unfeeling air UKIP and the Tories They are everywhere They want the hounds barking The horses in flight They want badgers culled In the dead of the night They want foxes chased And torn into strips … Continue reading

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It happened in Ewhurst

It happened in Ewhurst In Surrey In the borough of Waverley Where The Surrey Union Hunt Was having a punt Which led to a deer’s Dire despair Their terrier men Took umbrage to those Saboteurs who tried to aid A … Continue reading

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Emancipated, meagre and thin Scrawny and weedy Wizened of skin Orchestrating starvation At St.Leonard’s on sea Watching him bare boned and haggard For free Stolen day by day Suffering so On the edge of sanity No where to go He … Continue reading

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Second skin

First flush impressions Colour and light A feast for the eyes It’s demeanour, bright Psychopathy raging A madness in flight Cracked brained and bonkers All down to hindsight Oblivion paramount Keyed up and tense Unsurprised and astonished With lots of … Continue reading

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The calf with the ring in its nose

It’s not just the dairymens selfishness here It’s the self interest that we can feel It’s the huge lack of consciousness And vile corruption and,what it all does reveal It’s disingenuous and clearly amoral Sin laden graceless and sad Abandoned … Continue reading

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Thimerosal don’t believe a word they say

Thimerosal One has to ask oneself why truthfully The terrible irreverence The under valuation It’s been of course an outrage A complete humiliation The cavaliers created A vaccine so unflattering An unworthiness A stark reproach As bacteria was scattering A … Continue reading

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His story could turn out to be her story too

A gun that is a weapon With a fire power that can kill Anyone it’s pointed at It’s lead it’s going to spill Into someone’s body An explosion a success A wretchedness such misery A scourge of ruinous stress A … Continue reading

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Driven by the gutless The arrogant brigade Taking on the great god Who eventually has paid A price born out of torture And violence and such pain The idiocy and stolidity The obsession and the strain These were the wildest … Continue reading

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Corporate profits voluntary margin reduction

It’s very very risky Long term for all who do Consume meat and it’s imperative And far and away not new It’s ever since the corporates Have muscled in on trade The super stores and the CAFO’s They all started … Continue reading

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Butter ball a journey into terror for the sake of it

We bring this crap down on ourselves We assist the bugs for we Prefer to cut costs and make profits That’s how it has to be The animals are the victims From birth through to their death We begrudge them … Continue reading

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Ardent disguise

The palest blue eyes An ardent disguise A sadness appears As exhaustion clears The wisp of the auburn The silk of the curl A glint in the lips Leaves me in a whirl Softly she smiles a purity there So … Continue reading

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Taking a baby hunting

Taking a baby hunting Is the most stupid thing to do It’s all about pure ignorance And selfishness For you Should realise A ten year old The poor judgement of it all An Observer from the cradle Having now to … Continue reading

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The price of Beef

Sheer cowardice Craven spirited They bust the Bulls Fine legs Tie it to a post Each horn pulled By perhaps the dregs These so called men These unsoldierly Dastardly quitters who Find employment killing And they do it all for … Continue reading

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Rollrights 22/3/2015

A sunny day A hint of winter A powdery sky of blue Behold the circle Of flinty stones Scalped out by age and dew Amber lichens gather Bird song fills the air Fields of green Bare witness And such sweet … Continue reading

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Kidnap it happens every time

Despicable Beneath contempt We kidnap And we spurn The mothers lamentation wickedness at every turn So you can scoff your custard With your role poky pud You deny a little baby What creation knew was good For it’s bones, it’s … Continue reading

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Fibre optic technology Bio feedback quality The unique Chiren from Boswinkel whose Modality bank, brought forth it’s good news Light so much light A manifestation To re ignite Through such dedication A natural intelligence Once all possessed Self healing Revealing … Continue reading

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Contemplation on location Condemnation and devastation Confrontation and frustration Desecration and denudation Going back to true creation Thinking about conservation the red ape and their true salvation What must be our preoccupation Along with what is dedication There is no … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung

The excitement of the season the rebirth of things to come The colour of the Daffodils The symphony of some Who Burst into a choral scent That wafts into the air The glory of the golden dawn That’s pictured everywhere … Continue reading

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